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TOP 5 Hidden Object Games for Windows

Nowadays, you can find any game that you like. From a wide variety of puzzles and quests to sports games and shooting games. The world of games helps you to develop strategy skills or  just relax and have fun. On the site toomkygames.com here is an infinite number of games that are updated every day.

Ashley Clark: Secret of The Ruby

Ashley Clark. The mystery of the ruby pendant : once upon a time, at the end of the 18th century, a mysterious story began, the explanation of which still cannot be found. The mysterious pendant that was found by Ashley Clark. This pendant is held in a stone hand that comes out of the ground. You will pass the game investigation of crimes that are associated with an ancient ruby pendant, the history of which goes back centuries. There are many riddles to be solved. By the way, the inhabitants of the castle will share valuable advice with you. That's just you will need to bring back to life and fulfill their small requests.

You will be in the role of a detective who will solve the mystery of the ruby pendant and find out who is behind the kidnapping.

If you have a detective mindset and you have always dreamed of trying yourself in this role, then this game is just for you! Try to figure out the kidnapper!

Castle Secrets: Between Day and Night

Castle Secrets: Between Day and Night : this is a logic game in which you will need to show your ingenuity! Most of the knights died in the battle and it seems that there is no hope left... But the Prophecy speaks of a certain hero who will come to the castle of the secret order and, with the help of ancient weapons, stop the coming of Darkness. You will plunge into a mysterious world where knights, guards and their threat are monsters and animals that are ready to attack you every second.

Your task is to find weapons and defeat your mystical enemies! If you like puzzle games, hidden object quests, mysterious creatures and monsters, then this game will drag you for many hours and you will plunge into a completely different parallel world of riddles and mysteries! Dark adventures wait you!

House of 1000 Doors: Evil Inside

House of 1000 Doors: Evil Inside: this game in the logic and adventure genre will plunge you into the world of photographer Emily. A mysterious asteroid fell on the planet and changed the life of the main character. It is on her that the future of the planet depends, she has hidden abilities that she does not even know about! And it is up to her to save everyone from the deadly infection that appeared on Earth along with this destructive asteroid. Emily learned that she was the last of the Lacaster family – a family with incredible abilities. To cope with the infection that affects all living things on Earth and even inanimate objects, Emily must use the hereditary gift-the inner light that is in every person of the Lancaster family.

You are waiting for an exciting adventure in which you will face deadly danger, solve puzzles, win mini-games and show the wonders of logic and observation. If you want to imagine yourself as the savior of the earth, this game is for you!

House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster

This game is a continuation of the story of a young writer and a mysterious mansion. You get to the state of New Jersey. It's all ablaze with fire, fireballs are flying! What happened? You will be in the role of this writer. The woman must get inside. She wants to explore new secrets and wants to help all those remaining ghosts, whom she did not have time to save in the original. However, fate is gaining new momentum and the girl has serious difficulties. In it, the adventurer finally meets Mr. Gabriel, an acquaintance from the last game.

The game can be attributed to the genre of adventure and mystery, as well as search for objects. If you want to plunge into the mystical world and solve the mystery, then this game is for you. An exciting world of mysticism and riddles awaits you!

Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One

Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One : in the story of this game, Samantha and a child with psychic abilities, Kevin. A rich and powerful politician leads a real hunt for children with extraordinary abilities and wants to use them for personal purposes. Samantha and Kevin manage to escape and their main goal is to tell everyone about the true face of this politician and save themselves! People were sent for the boy. What will you do to save him?

You will need to solve puzzles, puzzles and find hidden objects. If you like dangerous chases, adventures, and the world of teenagers with paranormal abilities, then you have chosen the right game for you. Find out the purpose of this boy's gift and save him.

More hidden objects and hints can be found here. Happy adventures and unsolved mysteries!

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