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4 On-Stream Games You Can Enjoy Using the Twitch Mobile App

The Twitch Integration system allows viewers to play games alongside the streamer. It is a beautiful addition that helps to create a closer bond between the streamer and the viewers. However, it can be difficult to join in with some games when you're watching Twitch on mobile.

Some games will always be a bit too complex for a mobile screen — however, below, we've put together a few of the best games that allow you to play your favorite games in-stream with your favorite streamer.

1. Marbles

Marbles is a classic game based almost entirely on luck. You're not in control of the marble — playing is just a bonding activity between the streamer and the audience. You can have your moment in the sun when you win, but there's no pressure or judgment if you lose!

If you're interested in playing Marbles on Stream, all you need to do is find a Twitch streamer playing Marbles with Twitch Integration enabled. It's super-easy on the mobile app because all there is to do is roll in a regular game.

If your favorite Twitch streamer is playing a version with a game mode such as Boost Mode or Marble Royale enabled, it's simple enough to play using the mobile app. This mobile optimization makes Marbles one of the best games to play on-stream when you're using the service on mobile.

2. Words on Stream

If you're a fan of word games, Words on Stream is another super-easy game to play when you're watching on the Twitch mobile app. With Twitch Integration, streamers can play this first-to-the-finish game with their viewers, whether they're watching on a computer or mobile.

The concept is easy to understand: you receive an anagram puzzle, and the goal is to solve it—the first person to solve the puzzle wins and gets that valuable in-stream kudos. 

You can become one of your favorite streamer's favorite viewers (or not, if they're prone to hissy fits when they lose) by repeatedly winning the game — it's a great way to engage!

3. Geoguessr

Many of us were upset when Geoguessr started charging for its fine services a few years back. With this game, you get a photograph (occasionally with the option to move using Google street view), and you have to guess where in the world the photo shows.

However, there's a way around the paywall. It's even more fun when you consider that you get to play with your favorite streamers and their wonderful communities. After all, who's going to be toxic when playing a geographical guessing game?

Geoguessr is also super-easy to play on mobile. As long as you're able to zoom in and click on the area you believe the photo capture occurred, you're good to guess!

4. Jackbox Party Packs

The incredibly popular Jackbox Party Packs are effortless to play on mobile owing to the simple nature of the games. If you can text a funny word in 60 seconds, you're probably not going to have any trouble using the mobile app to participate in this game. 

It's also one of the more popular options for streamers, with entertainers like the McElroy Brothers bringing the game to the main stage.


Some people see using the Twitch mobile app as limited compared to a PC. We see it as a great way to discover new games that we can enjoy on the go, wherever we are. Load up the Twitch mobile app and begin your journey into mobile-accessible gaming today.

About The Author
Russell Emmental

Russell is a finance journalist and ex-banker. He lives in Utah with his family and is a keen aviation enthusiast in his spare time.

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