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All is Not Lost – 4 Apps to Help You Find Missing Items

We all know that the goal of our technology is to improve our quality of life. With the leaps and bounds we have made with smartphone apps alone, now life is much easier and more entertaining. You can stream content from anywhere in the world, and even find your way back to your car in a crowded parking lot.

Losing important items like wallets and keys happen all too often. What can you do to help find your belongings in these situations? Now, you can use apps!

Here are 4 well-designed and popular apps for finding your lost stuff. Instead of digging through couch cushions for your remote or hoping someone finds your dog and scans for a microchip, take matters into your own hands. Some come with attachable chips, some already have it embedded in the item.

1. Find a Lost Wallet

There are some apps where you can attach a small chip or item to your wallet. When you lose it, click a button and it lets out a ringing sound. This has been a popular choice for a few years now. It’s easy to install and use.

However, if that’s not your style, you could buy a smart wallet. With one of these, your wallet has its own GPS that can connect to a smartphone app. Even in louder environments, you can easily locate your wallet. It’s truly a lifesaver!

2. Save a Lost Pet

Most of these smartphone apps are geared towards finding lost dogs, but there are some for other types of pets too.

Apps like Tagg Pet Tracker come with a chip or item that attaches to a pet’s collar. From your computer or smartphone, you can then monitor their location via the GPS from the collar. Tagg and a few others also have an option to set a “zone” where they’re allowed to wander (like your yard) and you’ll be alerted if they leave the area.

3. Locate Your Car in a Big Parking Lot

We've all been to a store, a theme park, or a mall with an expansive parking lot and realized we don't know where our car is.

Instead of roaming up and down the rows and rows of spots, try an app like Honk. It is especially great for when you're parked in a metered spot because it will also keep you updated on your remaining time on the meter. It also pulls up step by step instructions to lead you back to your car. No more endless wandering in parking areas!

4. Find, Well, Anything

Apps and programs like Tile are becoming more and more popular – but Tile remains the most used. You get a small chip to attach to an item of your choosing, like car keys or a TV remote, and you can pull up the app anytime to track it or find your belongings.

It's easiest to lose small items the most, so something like Tile can really save you a lot of time and grief. When activated, it lets out a ring so you can find it if you're close by. If it's farther away, you can use the GPS. It's that easy!


With a wide array of locator apps at your fingertips, you can easily tag and locate important items for easier finding. Tile claims that on average people waste 10 minutes or more a day trying to find lost keys, bags, and the like. With these apps, you can cut that time down significantly. All you need is a smartphone or laptop!

About The Author
Russell Emmental

Russell is a finance journalist and ex-banker. He lives in Utah with his family and is a keen aviation enthusiast in his spare time.

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