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A Look at The Samsung Note 10

Samsung upped its game towards the second-half of 2019 when they introduced the Note 10 and the Note 10 plus in the market. These phones made a huge impact and are considered to be one of Samsung’s best phones yet. Not only are these smartphones the biggest Samsung has launched, but they are also considered to be one of the most stylish phones as well in terms of layout and design. So, it is safe to say that Samsung set a really good precedent for themselves and their competitors when they introduced the latest Note series.

Note 10 and 10 plus have many visually striking components, and its improved features only add to its appeal. Of course, we are not just here to sing praises about the phone. Some users did report some problems with their Note 10, so we have gathered a list of common issues faced by Note 10 users and come up with possible ways you can troubleshoot those problems. So, we will be covering different things, however, if your phone has serious problems or if you need a Note 10 screen repair job, then it is advisable to take your phone to the experts and have them resolve the issue.

Fingerprint Scanner

Note 10 has an inbuilt fingerprint scanner as a security measure. However, some users found that people could easily bypass the fingerprint scanner by using any transparent object instead. This problem did catch Samsung’s attention and they said that transparent, especially silicone covers might be causing this to happen during the process of registering one’s fingerprints. Samsung did launch a patch to try to fix this issue back in October so a lot of people might no longer be facing this issue. However, if you are still struggling with this issue, it is advisable to remove your screen protector, and then re-register your fingerprints again.

S-Pen Problems

The S-Pen just keeps getting better with every new launch. While its previous models introduced Bluetooth, the current model can now take pictures or playback and move media with just air gestures. However, there have been some issues reported with the S-Pen, and you can try to resolve them by:

  • If you noticing that the strokes of the S-Pen are inconsistent or not happening at all, you can replace the tip of the S-Pen with a new one and see if that helps.
  • Certain metals or substances can disrupt the connection between the Note 10 and the S-Pen, so try to remove your cover and then see if your S-Pen can function properly after that.
  • You can check if there is a problem with your S-Pen or somewhere else by checking if your S-Pen works with another compatible Note device. If it is working properly there, then the issue is not in your S-Pen.

Accidental Touch

Note 10 has a 6.3inch screen, which is a pretty huge screen for anyone to deal with. So, when one is dealing with such a large screen, then accidental touches to the screen are very common. If you find yourself accidentally touching some other end of the screen and launching a different application or accidentally enabling the edge touch panel, then there is a way you can deal with this annoyance.

  • If you go to your settings and enter the Display area, you should be able to turn on the Accidental Touch protection feature.
  • You can also go to Advanced settings and turn off the wake and lift feature as well. So, your phone will not light up every time you pick it up.
  • To avoid the Edge apps panel from popping up, you can also disable the Edge screen too.

Battery Problems

Note 10 does come with big batteries, however, some users have complained that the battery does not perform as well. In case you happen to be having battery issues as well, then you can try out the following:

  • You can go to the device optimization mode in the settings, click on the battery option and then check which applications are using most of your battery. This will allow you to remove those applications or at least prevent them from running in the background.
  • Always close unnecessary applications and features when you are not using them. This includes your GPS, Bluetooth, and data as well.
  • You can also go on the Save Battery option in your optimization settings as well.
  • If your phone is not getting proper signals, then your phone has to put in more energy to get those signals to your phone, and that can also end up contributing to problems in your battery life.
  • Try rebooting your phone and see if that makes a difference.

It is important to remember that note every Note 10 will have all of these problems. These are just problems that are reported by users, and there are chances you might not have to deal with any of these, and even if you do, you now know how to deal with them better.

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