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Instagram is the Hottest Advertising Space

Running a successful business is full of hurdles that seem insurmountable but can gradually be overcome with hard work and ingenuity. First of all, you need a product or a service. Some people have original ideas which they are able to perfect before taking it to the production stage while others will take an already-existing product and give it their own twist. However you do it, once you have the product or service, you need to move on to developing the company side of things, making sure you have production and distribution lines, sufficient staff and a premises to set up shop. In theory, this is enough to get you started: you have your product or service ready to sell and you have a company to sell it. The next part is getting the word out about your product. There are many traditional ways to do it but any business that is up to date with the modern means of communication will know that the best way is by using social media. The various branches of social media are where the majority of Internet users, especially younger people, are getting information about their interests.The different names of social media all have their own benefits but the one that is currently making the biggest waves is Instagram. If you're not already familiar with it, you need to be if you want to spread the word about your business to the widest range of people.

Why is Instagram proving to be so popular?

There are several reasons behind Instagram's popularity for businesses who are looking to keep up to date with the advances in technology and communication. First and foremost, the substantial number of users that Instagram has is a big selling point. In the summer of 2018, Instagram surpassed one billion active monthly users. From this number, half of them are active on Instagram on a daily basis while three-hundred and fifty million of these users will visit Instagram several times over the course of the day. Apart from the sheer volume of people who are regularly using Instagram, another attractive point for businesses is the online behaviour that these users engage in. Among the many behavioural patterns, the most interesting ones include the fact that 80% of Instagram users  follow at least one brand while 70%  use it to look up brands. Additionally, 60% of Instagram users discover products through the social network. Bearing in mind these figures, it is easy to see Instagram's appeal from a business point of view.

How does Instagram work?

Instagram works by users uploading photos for all the world to see. If you are a business with a specific product to offer, this gives you the perfect opportunity to show the world what your product looks like. It is also possible to upload videos. Depending on the product you have, one or the other format could be more beneficial to selling your product. With Instagram, the focus is on the visual and, therefore, you don't need to worry about coming up with a lengthy description, just let the photo or video do the talking! Instagram is also important for businesses as it gives customers a direct channel to communicate with them and this can be used by businesses to build a closer relationship with their customers. In turn, companies can use Instagram to get an idea of what their customers are interested in and can use it to create products that may be of even more interest to them.

How to get more attention on Instagram?

One of the easiest ways to raise your profile on Instagram is by making the appropriate use of hashtags and locations in your posts. Hashtags are a great way to draw attention to your product as it targets the post towards people who search for those hashtags. This way, you know that people who have a genuine interest in the topic of your content will be led towards it. Hashtags work for general ideas as well as specific ones, something that is crucial if you have a niche product. Using locations for your posts also helps as it will be more likely to appear in the feeds of Instagram users who are nearby. There is also the option to buy Instagram followers and likes if you are still at a loss as to how to get more interaction. There are a number of websites around which provide Instagram users with the possibility to pay for a set amount of Instagram features, such as features, likes or comments. With the right combination of these and a well-planned strategy, this can be enough to significantly increase the interaction of other users with your account. Once this happens, the popularity of your account increases and further growth is likely.

In the current climate, Instagram is the buzzword of online marketing and countless businesses are taking notice and making their way there to make their own impression on the social network. The number of potential customers and the distinctive characteristics of their behaviour are more than enough to convince businesses to give it a go. If you have a business of your own and are looking for an effective way to reach out to your customers or to find more of them, this is the place for you. The advantages and the very real benefits of such an approach make it a fairly straightforward decision.

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