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7 Best JavaScript Frameworks For Mobile App Developers

Recently, it has been seen that mobile phones run on promising IOS, Android or on Windows operating systems. And these are coded with the help of multiple programming sessions. Whenever you are dealing with those apps, running on Android based platform, then you might want to deal with the Java programming languages, for coding. There are some of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks available, which are used for mobile application development. And these frameworks are dedicated towards proper use in the mobile application field. It is a known fact that JavaScript has a great point on website development segment. But, recently, the mobile app field is also relying on the beauty of JavaScript more. So, it is mandatory to learn a bit more about the frameworks, first.

Top 7 JavaScript frameworks:

There are multiple JavaScript frameworks available these days. You cannot rely on all the available options, and have to note down on the top 7 available, over here. And these 7 integrated ones, used for mobile apps, are currently listed below:


1. Titanium


This is also defined as the open source app development source. It helps in the creation of native apps with the help of some of the modernized web technologies. Some of those technologies are CSS, JavaScript, HTML and more. This is a cross-platform development solution, which is running some of the accelerator powered applications.


2. Sencha touch

Sencha touch

A little bit similar to the EXT JS, Sencha Touch is considered to be a significant JavaScript framework, which helps in providing promising solutions to create some impressive mobile app. These are mainly designed to work for the Android application, and for Kindle Fire and more. It comprises of amazing useful and creative components, which can work on multiple mobile apps.


3. Meteor


Defined as another JavaScript framework, it helps in reducing the current interactive mobile applications. It helps in JavaScript coding, and also provides ongoing control over the chosen apps. You do not need help from the developers in updating JavaScript code anymore. You can even try to use the hot code push system. It is used for deploying changes on mobile platforms for users.


4. Rachet


Defined as another optimal JavaScript framework, Rachet is used for providing designers and developers with a chosen framework. This is used for building some of the mobile website related apps. It is created by same team, working on the Bootstrap framework for high-quality uses. This can work for Android and IOS related mobile apps, easily.


5. PhoneGap


Mostly a reliable software development framework, PhoneGap would like to help in reusing the current web development skills. This is used for creating some of the hybrid mobile apps, associated with JavaScript, CSS and more. Even though defined as not solely a JavaScript framework, but it is vital to know more about this PhoneGap application, before you proceed further, in this sector.


6. JQuery Mobile

JQuery Mobile

This mobile framework uses the work more and talks less agenda. Defined as one of the leading framework for JavaScript, it is used for building mobile applications at their best. In case, you are trying to create a mobile friendly website, this is going to be the one, for you. There are multiple user interfaces available, which are made compatible with the current mobile platforms.


7. React Native

React Native

In case, you have an inclination towards Native Application, then React Native is the framework, you should look for. This works a little bit differently from the Xamarin. It works perfectly with the CSS Alike style sheets and with JavaScript codes, making it more versatile. It further works with the HTML alike tags, which are mostly used for designing layouts. Once you have logged online and checked out the graph, you will get a clear vision of React native.


Choose the best one:

The above mentioned 7 frameworks from JavaScript are hard to miss. And you need to be aware of the right solutions, when it comes to promising values. You can ask the leading experts, happy to present you with comprehensive solutions. The software team would also like to help you choose the best framework; depending on the kind of mobile app you are planning to develop. The services are hard for you to miss, and come handy with chosen selective choices. Get down to the core of each JavaScript framework, before using one.

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