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5 Ways to Boost Your Business' Cybersecurity

In these digital days, cybersecurity is crucial for any business — big or small. Cybercriminals are just as innovative as those creating new tech, so it's up to you to take steps to protect your company data.

Below, we'll detail five easy ways you can improve the cybersecurity of your business.

1. Dedicated Server

One of the best ways to ensure your company's information is kept confidential is by choosing a dedicated hosting provider. This initiative ensures you won't share space with potential spammers or malicious websites. It's especially crucial for companies who see heavy traffic or handle SSL or FTP transactions. 

You'll see additional perks outside enhanced security, too. For example, ServerMania Dedicated Server Hosting offers custom hardware configurations and unentered bandwidth to improve website performance. 

2. Encryption

Forbes slates encryption as the first step to enhanced cybersecurity, and with good reason. U.S. data breaches increased 19% between 2018 and 2019. Encrypting your data helps protect it from cyber-attacks. 

Whenever you can, you should encrypt all your files, even if you keep them in a workstation directory or server. It's especially prudent when attaching your sensitive documents to your emails, saving them on your phone, or storing them on a laptop/tablet. 

3. Endpoint Detection and Response

In recent years, endpoint security replaced sluggish anti-virus programs.

Using upgraded endpoint security will shield business data from cyberattacks, malware, and viruses alike. This form of protection is even capable of thwarting ransomware attacks. If you haven't switched to an advanced endpoint solution, it's a good idea to do it now. 

4. Multi-Factor Authentication

Do you know when you log in to your personal bank account and are required to enter a code sent to your phone? That's multi-factor authentication at play, and it's just as important for your business as it is for your personal life. 

You can set up multi-factor authentication for your company bank accounts, e-mails, etc. It serves as an excellent precaution, as it double-checks anyone attempting to access your business accounts. Even if you find your passwords stolen, your data remains protected as no one but you can touch your accounts. 

5. Improved Mobile Device Security

Protecting your mobile devices is vital. Cybercriminals are fully capable of stealing data via tablets and smartphones. 

Taking certain measures, like ensuring your phone is locked and password protected at all-time, are easy improvements to make in terms of security. You should also disable conveniences like auto-login or saved passwords. Enabling these features might save you a little time in the short term, but they could also risk company data if you're not careful. And remember — make sure your phone files are encrypted! 

Why Do You Need Cybersecurity in 2021?

Computer criminals are capable of a lot of damage that includes (but isn't limited to):

  • Changing company information
  • Destroying confidential data
  • Interrupting business proceedings
  • Extorting money by accessing confidential info

In 2020, top companies spent an average of $2.4 million recovering from malware attacks. Even smaller and mid-sized businesses need to keep data protection at the forefront of their minds. Cyber hackers don't discriminate against who they attack, so long as they can benefit from their antics. 

Final Thoughts

We've approached a time when most of our information is accessible by digital means. While this has worked wonders in terms of productivity, sensitive data storage comes with new vulnerabilities.

Companies should always remain vigilant about their cybersecurity and improve upon it if there are gaps. The first step is data encryption, but you can go further by using dedicated server hosting or advanced endpoint security.

About The Author
Russell Emmental

Russell is a finance journalist and ex-banker. He lives in Utah with his family and is a keen aviation enthusiast in his spare time.

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