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14 Best Mobile Commerce Apps to Think Over

Recent surveys on shoppers across the world have revealed that nearly 40% shopping takes place through mobile devices. Therefore, mobile commerce is considering the future of the technologies.

Mobile commerce activities are taking place through either mobile browsers or mobile applications. Mobile friendly websites are still leading regarding the numbers of visitors. It means it brings more traffic than an app.

However, mobile apps are superb to deliver the best user experiences. Therefore, mobile apps tend to convert more and beat mobile browsers at every stage of the conversion funnel.

For instance,

  • The mobile app users are browsing more products (22 products) than mobile web users (6 products)
  • Nearly 24% app users add more products to cart against 13% browser users
  • Nearly 55% app users are finishing shopping while 44% browser users are reaching the end of checkout process

Thus, on average, the conversion rate for a mobile app is 120% higher against the mobile web. The statistical data clearly favor the mobile commerce trends and raise hope for commerce to go for mobile commerce application development using the services of the dependable mobile app development companies.

By-the-way considering the trends, several leading commerce giants and entrepreneurs have released mobile apps with innovative ideas to encourage mobile commerce further.

Therefore, we have initiated the current post to torch the leading mobile commerce apps, which are best to reside on the home screens of the m-commerce users.

Top 1: eBay Mobile App

We know eBay is a leading ecommerce giant running online auctions for tons of products from known to unknown categories.

eBay has an outstanding mobile commerce app to serve the intended purposes such as:

  • App enables users to bid on their choice of products at any time, round the clock
  • App uses advanced search engines to find the desired products in a jiffy
  • Shoppers can use PayPal like global payment gateway or regional payment gateway of their choice for quick and reliable payment
  • Besides these, app has tons of features to lure and provide the excellent user experiences to the app users on the fly
eBay Mobile App


Top 2: Amazon Mobile App

Amazon is an evergreen online marketplace giant comes with innovative ways of doing ecommerce across the globe. Therefore, it is natural that it has stunning mobile applications to support its marketing ideas and engage a huge audience coming from a wide range of devices from desktops to tablets and smartphones.

  • App offers excellent product presentation
  • Shopping cart is easy to user and checkout process is quick and user-friendly
  • App is using location tracking technologies (GPS) and deliver location-based results to shop from the nearby store or pick up the product
  • App provide awesome loyalty program
Amazon Mobile App


Top 3: Walmart Mobile App

Walmart is a known retail giant and push its 'Scan & Go' marketing strategy by the self-checkout program.

  • App lets users scan their desired items in the retail store
  • App provides virtual shopping cart feature and adding items to virtual shopping cart is easy to process
  • Shoppers can pay the money for purchased items at self-checkout counter in app
  • App saves time spent on long queues in retail stores of Walmart for scanning and payment
Walmart Mobile App


Top 4: Uber App

Uber is a buzz word in present commerce market since it provides a platform to connect riders (Passengers) to drivers (Taxis) and redefining the urban Cab business. Therefore, it is an ideal instance of disruptive m-commerce against traditional taxi hiring models.

  • Uber is a highly complex yet easy to use mobile commerce application for passengers, cab drivers, and administrators
  • It has location-based service features to know exact and real-time updated locations of app users/passengers, taxis, and taxi drivers
  • Pricing model is excellent in the app and lets riders to compare the fare, availability, and promotional incentives
  • In-app payment is possible along with other payment methodst
  • App notification system is awesome and connect passengers with cab and cab drivers
Uber App


Top 5: Groupon Mobile App

Groupon is a daily deals platform providing opportunities for businesses and users for daily deals, flash sales, and auctions in their locality or vicinity. Therefore, Groupon has a feature and functionality rich mobile app to address the needs of both sides.

  • App provides features for businesses to upload the deals, sales, and auctions and set percentages for deals according to the norms of Groupon
  • App gives features to set incentives for each deal and define life/period of deal like coupons to redeem
  • App has features to find the most appropriate deals for the users based on location, categories, items of interests, and price range
  • App offers payment options along with mobile commerce payment systems and integration
  • App collect info of users and enable business to access it for loyalty and other purposes
Groupon Mobile App


Top 6: Wish Mobile App

Wish is an m-commerce platform boasting around North American and European regions.

  • Wish marketplace is providing deep discounts primarily from the Chinese manufacturers who are participating in higher numbers
  • App has features to browse trends for fashion, accessories, electronic, and other niches
  • It has great personalization features to display products and offer prices and incentives according to the settings
Wish Mobile App


Top 7: The Hunt App

The Hunt is an eminent community shopping mobile commerce app. It delivers exceptional shopping experiences with community shopping concept. Its advanced features are:

  • App allows users to post a photo/image of the product taken by mobile camera or other means to find the matching product
  • Community shoppers help other shoppers to find the product, style it, and buy it with bargaining opportunity
  • Experienced Shoppers can help others to recommend the products and buy it
The Hunt App


Top 8: Wanelo App

WA-Ne-Lo is a short form of Want, Need, and Love words. Its tagline is 'mall on the phone' and proves true by bringing a stream of unique and innovative products in the app landscape.

  • App lets businesses/shoppers to post the products
  • App users can follow favorite stores and people
  • App users can get feed of products customize exclusively for them
  • App allows users to create wish list
  • App supports products from various niches like fashion, clothes, and accessories for men, women, kids
Wanelo App


Top 9: Product Hunt Mobile App

  • It is an app to find and share technology space products
  • App users can submit products, vote on the favorite products, and bookmark it all
  • App makes product search easy
  • App lets users start conversation with product followers and founders
Product Hunt Mobile App


Top 10: Starbucks Mobile App

It is the most used payment and reward types of app in the U.S. and offers useful features:

  • App requires Starbuck's reward card info from the registered users and gives access to other features
  • App allows customers to track favorite drinks
  • App oversee the order status in real-time
  • App offers discounts on accumulation of certain numbers of stars
Starbucks Mobile App


Top 11: CVS Caremark Mobile App

  • It is high-ranking mobile commerce app for business customers and others
  • App enables users to accomplish various operations including rapid refills, search the latest deals, and so on
  • App allows users to place orders and collect products from the local store in your vicinity
CVS Caremark Mobile App


Top 12: Q app Mobile App

It is a location-aware app based on the unique concept of restaurants, bars, hotels, theaters, concerts, and tourism industry.

  • App enables users to place orders ahead for various types of locations such as pubs, stadiums, concerts, and theaters
  • App users can browse menu cards, select items and place order, and pay for it shopping cart within the app
  • Once order is ready to serve, customers can get notifications
  • App also offers unique code in order to redeem it as well as get incentives offered on it
  • Customers can collect the order by showing code
Q app Mobile App


Top 13: Peach App

It is a unique app engaging users for top notch products coming from the designer brands

  • It allows users to select the deals of their liking
  • It lets users place the order and pay for it just like a shopping cart app
  • It also extends notification services when a choice of deal is arriving in the market based on user history
Peach App


Top 14: The Gadget Flow Mobile App

As it name suggests, it helps shoppers to discover cool gadget products out of 9 to 12 new products arriving each day.

  • App provides enough options to save the favorite products in wish lists
  • It allows users to create private or public wish lists for future use
  • It allows users to buy the products from the wish lists
 The Gadget Flow Mobile App


Top 15: Cover Mobile App

It is an app devoted to restaurant and hospitality industry.

  • App allows users to check restaurants in vicinity or at desired places
  • Via app, diners can book a table separately or join in existing ones
  • App can split the bills when diners are sharing it with friends
  • Diners can pay the bills either through app or directly and notify server regarding the payment accomplishment
Cover Mobile App



We have seen top class mobile commerce app used in the present market. If you are inspired by such m-commerce apps and have ideas to jump on the bandwagon, consider Perception System your Mobile App Development Company.

About The Author
Tarang Vyas

Tarang Vyas is a head of Mobile development team at Perception System, the leading Mobile Development Company. He has been in the industry for 15 years.

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