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Do Mobile Apps Improve In-Store Experience For Consumers? Here's All You Need To Know About It.

Shopping is an experience for stressed out souls. Many celebrities consider shopping as a therapeutic experience. According to Cat Deeley, the eminent British television presenter, singer and actor, she does shopping for the shopping's sake. Scouting for the desired items in the store can help bargaining for setting up the right price with the seller can be an exciting affair. However, the rush in the sale and racing the mad crowd of shoppers can be very stressful. If one remembers the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic starring Isla Fisher, they can get the idea what can happen during peak shopping hours. The film shows how Isla's character fights a random lady for a pair of boots. Although this is a dramatic representation, the situation is almost similar to this.

Store Shopping Experiences

Why choose shopping app?

Many shoppers are nowadays opting for in-app shopping to avoid the problems and challenging situations. These shopping sites help the customers in buying the products from the comfort of their home. Also, they offer excellent discounts on the products, making the shopping experience more rewarding. According to statistics, around 48% of smartphone users are using their phones primarily for shopping.  In fact, many clothing and cosmetic products manufacturers are launching their in-house app for the sale and distribution of their product. These mobile applications help in the companies in reaching the customer directly. It can be beneficial for the small companies who have just launched their products. They can connect with the customers directly without the mending of the middlemen.

The steady growth of online shoppers has brought many players in the e-commerce industry. Nowadays, a person can buy and sell their products on these online stores without much trouble. Global players like Amazon.com and Ebay.com has seen a constant surge in their customer base.

Many stores are also launching their mobile apps for promotion and sale. The head of a prominent store once said, that starting their mobile application helps to get in touch with the customer located at far of places. Also, the sale from the online application helps in boosting the profit of the company. According to a survey, the customers also preferred to shop using the mobile apps. Many shoppers love to redeem the discount from the stores getting a lucrative discount on purchase. Numerous stores keep track of the investments made by the customers for data analysis. They claim, it helps them in creating better customer-oriented services and products. Most customer, is however little uncomfortable with such policies of the in-store companies. They feel such systems cause an invasion of privacy.

The skeptics and their dilemma:

But there is still a category of buyers who feel shopping for commodities online might not be a safe decision. According to them, they might send duplicate or damaged products. Another problem they face, while buying online, is making the transaction. However, they can rest assured the quality of the products. The e-commerce sites endorsee original products at the best of the prices. And for transaction purposes, the e-commerce websites are now accepting payment for the delivery of the products. Some online retailers are even offering the option to try the product before buying. Thus, if the customers want to buy Kurtis from these websites, they can place requests to try the product. If they like the merchandise, they can buy it instantly. Also, in case they don’t like the product, they can raise another request for the return of the product.  

The skeptics and their dilemma

A favorite eyewear seller, Warby Parker, offers the option of trying out the product. They refer to it as the virtual tool for a trail. With the help of this tool, the probable customer has to upload their images to the website. Next, the tool will superimpose the types of the frame on the customer's face. Many lingerie shopping apps also offer the try it on the facial feature for the customers. They probable buyers can try the selected products and return the consignment within a stipulated timeframe. Here are some of the benefits of the mobile shopping application that tends to improve the shopping experience of the customers:

  1. Guided tours:

    Some high shopping stores offer customers shopping assistants. They help the customers in making the best shopping decisions and select the best products from the lot without many difficulties. The mobile shopping applications have amalgamated this feature for serving their customers better. These experiences help the customer in making the best buying choices.

  2. Saving the information:

    With the help of mobile-app shopping, the customers can keep the inventories and bills in the app itself. It prevents the loss of documentation and information. The customers can even check the status of their order, the expected date of delivery of the product with the tap of few buttons.

  3. Doorstep delivery and pickup:

    In this busy life, when people do not have time to shop for necessary items the usage of mobile shopping apps can be a boon. The customers can order their groceries, clothes, cab and even essential medicines with its help. For new mothers who cannot leave their babies for a single moment, this feature of the online shopping application can be quite helpful. If some of the products arrive as damaged or defective, they can return them quickly. The company will send their representative to the customer's house to collect the product.

About The Author

Harsh is the co-founder of Fynd, a first-of-its-kind, e-commerce fashion platform, with a live inventory of 8K plus stores catering to more than 8 million customers.He is an engineer from IIT Bombay and has 7+ years of experience in the field of Fashion Retail, Hospitality, Management Consulting and Human Resources. He is currently working on expanding Fynd's presence on to the global radar.

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