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6 Addictive Mobile Games You Should Download

There are games that make you more addicted to scrolling down social media while yawning, and then there are games that add games that will make you a game addict. Instead of unconsciously scrolling down your social media feeds, you can play games on your smartphones. If you are a 3DS gamer, we highly suggest you check out this article if you are interested in Nintendo 3DS ROMs. Games that are mentioned below are some games that would make you dive into master and score the highest.

6 Addictive mobile games that will make you forget the world:

1. Asphalt 9: legends

One of the latest mobile games of 2020, which was released in July of 2018, an arcade game in which the player has to unlock various cars, has difficult levels and has a bunch of events to play. Also, it is a vigorous multiplayer game, which is like the cherry on top. It includes 50 cars, a couple of challenges, and contents to play with. The single-player stuff is classically first-rate arcade racing and highly recommended.

The game includes simple mechanics, striking graphics, and it is quite an addictive game and worth playing.

Available on: Android and IOS for free.


Want to play a game to ease your mind but got only a few minutes to spare from your busy, hectic schedule, Threes! Is the game for you. It gives the feeling of the game 2048, which is another addictive game.

The game involves sliding numbered tiles in four-by-four and combining them according to multiples of three, as that’s what the name of the game is ‘three.’ the game ends when there is no empty space left on the grid to slide. The game takes about 3 to 7 minutes of your time, and that’s what makes the game different and unique.

The energizing background score makes the game more pleasurable.

Available on: Android and IOS for free.

3. Call of Duty: Mobile

One of THE best games, which have over 5 million downloads and rules over the gaming community. It has two modes. It includes 100 player battle royale modes similar to that of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite( another two most famous and amazing games). It is relatively new, so it involves defects but will be taken care of overtime. The second mode is multiplayer, where the players participate in traditional 5v5 team-based combat.

With their new update, they have included different modes like sniper vs. sniper battle and zombies action, which makes the game even more addictive.

Game is easy to play but very hard to master, but I am sure you can because it is addictive, which makes you forget the world.

The game focuses on the realism of elements, amazing graphics, smooth and easy control, excellent server hold up.

Available on: Android and IOS for free.

4. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

A legendary Personal computer game has a mobile version too and is similar to that of the personal computer version. It is a paid application, but before payment, you can try the trial version too. You can explore an entirely pixelated

world where you can build anything and everything from the ground up, and it is so much fun. Gamers get two modes: creative mode, where they will have all the unlimited resources, and the survival mode: you have to protect yourself from attacking monsters and where you will have nothing in the inventory and have to earn from scratch, and this is the most challenging mode. The Minecraft community is very large, and you will love the game for sure.

Available on: Android and IOS, the app costs $6.99.

5. Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

One of the most popular web series that broke records, which was a little disappointing in the last 9th season, but the game will surely blow your mind. The game is currently in the beta testing phase(internally and with the GOT community only). This role-play game is one of the most awaited games in 2020. I believe it has the potential to be one of the most played mobile games as it was one of the most-watched series of all time.

Available on: Android and IOS

6. Candy Crush Saga

A very simple and very addictive game, you cannot stop yourself from starting the next level once you have finished the previous one. As the level increases, it gets more challenging because of the new obstacles with increased difficulty, and it will totally kill all your boredom. One of the reasons why people look down on their phones in transport.

The game involves matching and switching colors. Challenges give you boosters, and you level up. There are new targets and surprises with them.

Available on: Android and IOS for free.

These are some of the most addictive games with millions of users or maybe more and are way too addictive. These games are easily available on the play store and app store and easy to access too.

About The Author
John Ocampos

John Ocampos can usually be found binging on random series on Prime. When not absorbed in the latest gut wrenching thriller, John loves experimenting with gadgets, sings very badly, enjoys loitering around the city, and otherwise spends far too much time at the computer. He lives in the Philippines, with his brother and a cute turtle, Tomato.

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