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The Importance of Games in Learning

If there is one thing evident in the world lately it is that traditional and conventional methods of learning are quickly becoming outdated by themselves. While resources such as libraries and textbooks seem to have an everlasting charm about them, there is no doubt that we need to incorporate newer techniques in our teaching methods. These include digital resources like the Kindle, websites such as Pro-papers, and of course, games.

Using games to gain knowledge is not an entirely new concept, and there is no doubt about the fact that we can use all kinds of games to better our learning.

Game-Based Learning in the Classroom

1. Improving Conceptual Learning

Game-based learning in modern society has proven to be quite successful, especially for children. It is especially beneficial for teaching children fundamental concepts in science and mathematics. Of course, it requires a fair bit of hard work on the teacher’s part since they have to design or look up innovative games that will keep the entire class engaged as well as teach them whatever concept it is that they need to learn.

Other than that, children taught by game-based learning also find it easier to apply these concepts in real-life situations compared to children who are made to practice rote-earned concepts endlessly.

2. Thinking Out of the Box

Children who have used such innovative methods to learn their course material also find it easier to think creatively. With conventional studies, it is evident that most children think in very basic, textbook terms. Children who have learned to use their physical body and creative thinking in learning basic concepts find it easier to come up with innovative solutions for many problems and think out of the box.

3. Building Character

Games in the classroom create an interactive and fun environment in the class which makes children look forward to school rather thaness dread it. It also instills concepts such as teamwork in children which help them later in life as well. When you make young people play team games they find appreciation for their classmates as teammates as well. In fact, a fun environment in the classroom also encourages healthy competition among children that helps them improve instead of encouraging envy and jealousy that often become common traits in children as a result of unhealthy competition.

It is essential to add a variety of games to the learning process so that the idea does not become monotonous. Children tend to get bored fairly quickly so if they do not see variety in their life they tend to eventually find the task to be tedious.

Other Types of Games

Of course, games inside the classroom have proven to be highly effective time and time again. However, games that do not deploy ways to teach course material still have a big question mark on them. These include all fun activities like video games, board games, and physically demanding games such as tag.  The idea is – to include game that would  develop abilities that needed in educational process, like essay writing skills.

The answer is yes, these games are equally as crucial to a child’s development as games in the classroom, if not more important.

Video Games

There is a vast variety of video games available in the market, from highly conceptualized games with brilliant graphics to simple mobile phone games.

Even though video games have had their fair share of opposition at the hands of parents and teachers alike, there is no questioning the fact that they have their merits. In fact, video games are almost as beneficial for young adults as they are for children.

A lot of these games also require patience since players often find that they fail to reach their goal over and over again since they are not thinking with a clear head.

Thanks to the world of online gaming, people are also developing a mindset that allows them to work as a team in conjunction with others who enjoy the game too. It helps them socialize with all kinds of people as well.

Board Games

Board games encourage healthy competition, brings friends closer together, and demand thinking outside the box for ways to win. Many board games also involve team play so they also encourage teamwork amongst the players.

Physically Demanding Games

Physically demanding games provide most of the benefits that other games do but at the same time, they keep the child physically fit as well. They are excellent for blowing off steam after a long study session. It refreshes the mind and helps children let out their frustration in a healthy way.

More and more parents and institutions are incorporating games in their curriculum as a valid and useful method of teaching and there are plenty of studies to affirm that they are on the right track. All this makes game-based methods highly vulable these days.

About The Author
Kevin Jenkins

Kevin Jenkins is a student of Boston University, who consider freelance writing as his hobby. His articles constantly published at such magazines as “Hubpages”, “Selfgrowth” and “Lifehacker”. Along with writing, he also enjoys podcasting and playing ultimate frisbee.

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