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4 Ways to Optimize Your Call Center

Businesses are shifting their customer service operations away from traditional brick-and-mortar settings. With these changes, call centers have dramatically risen in popularity and now serve as the first point of contact with prospective and existing customers.

Excellent customer service is the name of the game for businesses in 2022 – especially for those who conduct their operations online – and it begins with running an efficient and attentive call center operation. To ensure you're on the right track, here are four ways in which you could optimize your company's call center operations.

1. Modernizing & Maintaining Software

Whether it be task automatization or investing in new software, your call center's productivity can increase significantly if your agents have the best possible tools to succeed. 

One way you can automate your customer service department is through an IVR call center, which is meant to streamline the client re-directing process and eliminate the need to have one of your agents solely dedicated to directing callers to the correct agents.

Automatization and modernization can shave a few dollars from your operational bills, as well as increase customer satisfaction and first contact resolution rates. Adequate time and effort should be invested in determining what systems align best with your company's industry and target audience.

2. Consistent Agent Training

The best way to make sure your agents are always up to the task of dealing with hundreds of customers on a daily basis is through constant training and coaching; the learning process should always remain on the move as customers' needs never stay the same.

Whether through peer-to-peer training, individual sessions between agents and managers, or online courses, any investment you make in their learning will always pay dividends in the form of higher customer retention – and your business's bottom line. After all, 96% of customers were likely to make repeat purchases with companies that provided excellent customer service. 

Constant communication and feedback loops with your agents are also of extreme importance. Giving them an environment to thrive and keeping them motivated to be productive only leads to happy customers and satisfied reps.

3. Hiring the Proper Agents

The heart and soul of your customer service department can be found in your agents; there is no getting around that truth. You need to ensure that those you hire are the right fit for your company's ethos.

Standard benchmarks for good customer service agents include: 

  • Being able to listen actively
  • Showing empathy with customers
  • Knowledge of the products being offered
  • Clear communication
  • Solutions-focused mindset
  • Demonstrating a readiness to learn

83% of customers are willing to switch to a competitor after one negative experience, meaning that finding sales reps who have these skills could be the difference between gaining a loyal, years-long consumer or having them join the ranks of your closest competitor.

4. Prioritize All Channels

While a call center's main purpose is to answer telephone calls, other channels cannot be neglected in the process. With more and more companies offering customer service through chatbots on social media, websites, or SMS, your call center will need to stay on top of those trends as well.

Keeping an active social media account that responds to queries publicly can also gain your company a reputation for problem-solving at a moment's notice and being attentive to all of your consumers' needs.

Keep Customer Service Channels Ready

From modernizing your call center's system to prioritizing all its channels, there are many ways in which your customer service department can be optimized in 2022. When it comes to improving your company's bottom line, that process starts and ends with making your call center more efficient. 

About The Author
Russell Emmental

Russell is a finance journalist and ex-banker. He lives in Utah with his family and is a keen aviation enthusiast in his spare time.

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