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15 Best COVID-19 Apps for iOS and Android

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we live is quite the understatement. It's challenging to think of an area that COVID hasn't affected, and sometimes even more challenging trying to stay on top of everything. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps for iOS and Android that can help.

There's an app for just about everything, and the pandemic is no exception. Here's a roundup of the best apps for both Android and iPhone to help you get through COVID-19.

Health Data and Symptom Reporting

First up, here are seven of the best health-related coronavirus apps. These will give you reliable information about the outbreak and provide a way forward if you feel sick.

1. CDC

The CDC mobile app gives you access to one of the world's leading COVID authorities: the Center for Disease Control. While not strictly about coronavirus, the app provides news updates and info about all diseases, including COVID-19. You can download this handy resource on both Android and iPhone.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, provides updates and alerts about national and local emergencies. Like the CDC app, this offers more than just COVID updates, but it does include them. FEMA's mobile app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

3. HealthLynked COVID-19 Tracker

If you want something more COVID-specific, check out HealthLynked COVID-19 Tracker, which is available on both Android and Apple phones. HealthLynked uses data from the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide an easy-to-read virus tracker. The metrics go beyond infection rates, too, offering figures like asymptomatic and self-reported cases.

4. COVID Symptom Study

Another one of the best coronavirus apps for iOS and Android is COVID Symptom Study from the health science company Zoe. This app is a self-reporting tool that you can use to help give researchers more data about the virus. You log in every day and describe how you're feeling, which helps doctors learn more about symptoms.

5. COVID Control

The COVID Control app from Johns Hopkins is another excellent coronavirus resource. Like COVID Symptom Study, COVID Control is a symptom tracker where you enter your health data to help researchers. The scientists behind the app, available on all platforms, also use this data to predict future COVID-19 hotspots.

6. Relief Central

An Apple exclusive, Relief Central is a resource for people fighting COVID-19 around the world. You don't have to be a healthcare worker to appreciate the updated guidelines on COVID-19 and how its research is developing, though. You can find everything from travel recommendations to updates about potential vaccines.

7. How We Feel

Like others on this life, How We Feel is a symptom reporting app, but one with a more communal approach. On top of giving scientists your data, you can see how people around you are feeling. This app for both Android and iOS also donates a meal to people in need for every new sign-up.


Times can be confusing and staying informed has never been more crucial. With that in mind, here are the best apps for Android and iOS for COVID-related news.

8. UN News Reader

The UN News Reader app offers more than just COVID news, but that's what most updates are about today. Available on both iOS and Android, this app gives you global news updates from the United Nations. As you might expect from the UN, it supports a variety of languages too.

9. WHO Academy

The World Health Organization's WHO Academy app gives you a place to learn more about COVID-19. While its target market is healthcare workers, anyone can use it to stay up to date about the virus and its potential treatments. You can find it on both Android and iPhone.

10. Reuters News

As far as general news apps go, Reuters News is one of the most reliable. The app offers news stories about COVID and beyond, all without strong political leanings one way or the other. It's about as balanced as news gets and is available on all platforms.


These apps for iOS and Android can help you manage your business amid the pandemic. 

11. Zoom

If you haven't heard of Zoom by now, it's a videoconferencing app that's taken the world by storm. Available on all services, it allows you to meet with colleagues while maintaining social distancing.

12. Microsoft Teams

If you don't like Zoom, you can try Microsoft Teams, part of Microsoft's 365 suite. On top of video conferencing, Teams also offers integration with other parts of the suite, making it ideal for newly-remote businesses. Like Zoom, it's also available on both Android and iPhone.

13. Expense IQ

If you need help managing your finances amid COVID-19, Expense IQ can help. This Android exclusive offers a range of financial planning tools, from bill reminders to expense trackers. Small businesses make up 45% of the U.S. GDP, and Expense IQ is helping them stay afloat.

Staying Home

You may just need tools that help you stay socially distant. Here are the best apps for Android and iOS for that.

14. DoorDash

Going out to eat can be risky now, so DoorDash provides a way around that issue. Since not all restaurants offer delivery, DoorDash delivers your orders for you. This handy app is available for more than 300,00 eateries and on both Android and iOS.

15. Amazon

You're probably already aware of Amazon but may not know how it can help you in the pandemic. Amazon may offer more than you realize, allowing you to use it for your regular shopping, including groceries in some areas. Amazon is, of course, on both Apple and Android app stores.

Technology Is Helping People Through the Pandemic

No matter where you are, there's an app or two that can help you through COVID-19. From health news to business aid to food delivery, your phone can help you in all of the aspects of life COVID changed.

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