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Important Considerations To Take Into Account When Hiring a Dedicated Mobile Application Developer in 2020

With the changing consumer demands and choice, brands and businesses are now investing in mobile app development. Without any doubt, mobile apps have made the B2C and B2B world unquestionable and convenient. So, if you are a brand or business, you should work on making a mobile application either for enhancing your present physical store or online store or model a new idea.

If you do not have the people or skills to create a mobile app, don’t worry at all. Simply focus on strategizing your startup mobile application or present business app idea instead of thinking of mobile app development. It’s because you’re lucky enough to have many top mobile app developers and app development companies known for excellent deliveries to worldwide clients. You can now hire dedicated developers India who are exceptional when it comes to technical experience and knowledge. However, you need to study some important factors when you select and hire dedicated developers India for mobile app development. When you hire a dedicated developer, you will be taking a key step towards your business growth and making a single wrong choice can result in drastic outcomes. Since it is an important decision, some of the most important things to consider include:

Past Work And Experience

Confident, qualified, and skilled mobile app developers must be ready and willing to show their already created masterpieces. Their previous work should offer you a clear idea about whether they have the required skills or not. Moreover, with their past work, you can easily evaluate the quality of the projects they have worked on.

Ability To Create Apps That Work On Various Platforms

Are you thinking to cater to the Android audience only or iOS users only? According to the stats, both these platforms are competing against each other. Just like the diverse audience, the device preference they have are varied. Moreover, with the evolving technology, the developer should be future-ready. You should hire dedicated developers India who are proficient and skilled in creating apps that can easily run on multiple devices, platforms, and operating systems.

Technical Certification

The technical skills of a mobile app developer are his bread and butter. Nothing can be greater and better than having a technical certification in niche technology. For an appropriate decision, you should find out whether the developer has a certification or not as it makes their profile stronger and assists in taking the best selection.

Clean Standards, Practices, And Coding

For constant success, you should make sure that the mobile app developer complies with different coding practices and standards. While you interview the developers, try and inspect as much as possible about their coding know-how. Do not fall in the trap of a bad code damaging a good product or idea. Since it is not a one-day job, you need to keep on checking the code’s quality that is delivered by the dedicated developer.

Communication Ability

A project can be accomplished faultlessly if communication between the owner of the app who is the client and the designer/developer of the app is smooth. Whether it is a small concern or a serious query, the client and the developer should be able to communicate well with the developers.

Knowing The Agile Approach

Every IT company and mobile app developer work with agile technology. With an interactive development nature, agile methodologies assure incremental deliveries, offering a few great advantages before the final product is delivered when the app development is in progress.

Relationship With Colleagues And Project Manager

When you hire dedicated developers India, you should ensure that the professional knows to work together in a team. The developer you select should listen carefully to the supervisor. In case of any issues with the app development project, the developer should be willing and able to take help from a supervisor or a colleague who can help find the perfect solution. A developer with a good rapport with seniors and colleagues can be the best option to hire since this will avoid any kind of issues in your project development.

Innovation Level

Since the economy is customer-centric, anything that is demanded and loved by the clients is a great hit. The developer should be highly creative right from the beginning. Whether it is the owner of the app or the developer, everyone needs to be innovative from thinking to deploying the idea. With a creative mind, you can rest assured to turn inputs into productive products, move the project forward proficiently, attract a huge audience base, and earn a higher Return on Investment.

Regular Updates About Work Status And Progress

Dependable and responsible developers are better than talented ones who are negligent and ignorant. Mobile app developers work in different time zones generally, so following up with the clients is an important task. So, always ensure that the dedicated developer you hire will keep you updated about the work status and project’s progress.

Technical Clarity

You should not judge the dedicated developer only by their certification and experience. The most practice aspect to consider when you hire dedicated developers India is domain knowledge. Look out for the app developers who are sound technically along with being experienced. Ensure to interview them before you do the final hiring. During the development procedure, once a developer is hired by a client, they should have complete control of the tasks and activities for the lifecycle of project development.


Last but not the least, maintenance of the app is another important element, which is overlooked often. Once a mobile app is launched, usually a need is there to release new updates, fix bugs, and add new functionalities and features. So, ensure that the app developer you hire is ready and willing to take care of complete app maintenance needs. You should also find out whether the developer charges something extra for the maintenance support or not. 

About The Author
Karan Dubal

Karan Dubal - Co founder of RUSHKAR is a technology expert. He is managing Software & App Developers India. Having 9+ years of experience in industry makes him irreplaceable asset of RUSHKAR. 

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