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Top 5 Wonder Apps for your Smartphone

Wonder Apps provide a user with some exciting and entertaining features. Most of the time these apps are utility apps like Cleaner, Virus Checker etc. However, these are traditional wonder apps that are not considered wonder app anymore. I am going to discuss with you an entire new dimension of Wonder Apps. So, this topic is about wonder apps called “The Mods” or “Mod APK”. Just for your information, often Mod APKs are considered as Cracking Tools. However, these are actually not.

Mod APK Tools provide a user with additional benefits as compared to traditional APKs. Mod APKs can give you the liberty and flexibility in playing games or using any useful app. In order to get modified APKs on your smartphone, you need to have a powerful Mod APK Store. All Mod APK Stores are not equal. There are certain number of factors that you have to look for to select the best tool to get modified APKs. In this article, I will give you details about 5 Best APK Tools that you can use in 2019 and even beyond.

What is Mod APK?

Mod APK or Modified APK are always handy in terms of their services, facilities, user interface and community engagements. You can get benefits from the modified APK files to an extent whatever you like. As in this modern world, everyone is addicted to playing games on smartphones.

But almost all the games whether free or premium come with locked features. So you try to play around, collect gems, coins and money to unlock game resources. As a player you take special interest in unlocking some of the game resources including new characters and levels. Sometimes you get success and sometimes you fail.

At certain times a player may feel disappointment for not crossing a level. In this scenario, what are the alternatives for you? Have you thought about it? Premium games end up asking you to pay your real money to unlock features. So you read it out and leave it. But just think of a solution that is absolutely free and easy to use and that solution is Mod APKs.

Top 5 Mod APK Stores

  1. Lucky Patcher
  2. AC Market
  3. Creehack
  4. Freedom APK
  5. GetAPK

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is another extremely useful utility for cell phone application apps or games. Lucky Patcher is developed by Chelpus. You can undoubtedly Free Download Lucky Patcher APK Lucky Patcher New Version is 8.1.4. It is a little estimated application that involves just 8.3 MB of your cell phone memory. A best aspect regarding Lucky Patcher is that it is compatible with all the platforms including Android, iOS, Windows PC and even Mac.

Lucky Patcher comes with a huge collection of custom patches that enable you to fix any application or game. You can now unlock game assets like characters, levels, vehicles. Another powerful feature of Lucky Patcher is that you can do App Cloning using it. It is highly memory efficient app that can work with different models of smartphones.

AC Market

AC Market is really an amazing tool having that can facilitate clients in downloading Mod APKs for different games and apps. It can work with Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac OS. One of the beauty of AC Market is that it is totally free. This APK is only an alternate App Store like Google Play Store. AC Market App Store has the greater part of the recreations present on the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes.

AC Market UI is fundamentally the same as the Google Play Store. In addition, it uses standard English language. AC Market Community users are increasing rapidly. So, this app store is constantly updated. AC Market lets you to download any previous version of an app. You can also unlock game resources and get the save game data by using this wonderful app.


Creehack APK is one more application for a similar reason. It furnishes you with an attractive UI. Besides, with this APK you can undoubtedly make modded APKs for various games or apps. Creehack works with both rooted and non-rooted devices. In any case, the significant downside of this APK is that it just works with Android.

Freedom APK

Another astonishing application in this classification is Freedom APK. The major in addition to purpose of Freedom APK is that it is exceptionally small in size. With the intensity of Freedom App, you can without much of a stretch detour permit confirmation and in-application buys. You can gather boundless coins and diamonds without spending genuine cash. You can do a large portion of the errands with Freedom APK likewise with "Lucky Patcher APK".


GetAPK Market application is an application store that highlights an enormous number of both free and paid applications. All applications accessible on GetAPK Market application can be downloaded completely free. On the off chance that you are thinking about how you can download GetAPK Market, at that point you have arrived at the opportune spot. In this post. We will talk about how GetAPK Market Download should be possible.

What you get, What you Loose?

Tool Size Downloads OS Root No Root
Lucky Patcher 8.23 MB 10 Million + Windows, Android, iOS & Mac Yes Yes
AC Market 17 MB 8.5 Million + Windows, Android & iOS No Yes
Creehack 16 MB 5.4 Million + Android No Yes
Freedom 19 MB 3.2 Million + Android & Windows Yes No
GetAPK 25 MB 2.1 Million + Android & Windows No Yes

Bottom Line

As viewed from this comparison table, personal experimentation and market research, Lucky Patcher is by far the most useful and loved mod APK store. One of the best reason behind it is obviously its cross platform compatibility. Also, Lucky Patcher is comfortable to work with both rooted and non-rooted devices in comparison to other available tools.

About The Author
Michael John

I am a professional IT expert. I often write about Tech trends and app comparisons that is valuable for my readers. My aim is just to deliver valuable content based on authentic and well researched tech information to my viewers. I am a part of various tech communities on reddit, quora and android stackexchange. 

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