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Best Debt Payoff & Management Tools for 2019 to Achieve All Your Financial Goals

Debt does not have to be a necessary evil all the time but you must know wise tactics to take the fullest advantage of your debt. However, if you go on accumulating excessive debts, you may find it extremely difficult to come out of the debt trap. Paying off these overpowering debts may seem almost impossible. You must be having other financial responsibilities such as paying all your monthly bills regularly, saving for a new house, or handling day-to-day expenses. Your ever-mounting debt could leave you frustrated. If you are grappling with overwhelming debts, use effective debt payoff and management tools for systematically eliminating your debts.

Reducing your credit card payments every month or trying to curb your spending habits could help you positively in managing your debt. However, experts have identified an instantaneous and easy way of getting your existing debts under total control: debt payoff and debt management tools. There are numerous cutting-edge tools and apps for both iOS and Android devices that could assist you in organizing and managing your debts in a single place. You do not have to fight for conquering your insurmountable debts. You simply need to input important debt data into your smartphone and effectively manage them then and there.

As per forbes.com, people are never in love with debts. But they certainly love technology which helps them in bidding debts goodbye. We are aware that personal finance technology has become far more advanced. We have progressed in leaps and bounds from simple tax calculators to perfect budget spreadsheets and then to cutting-edge phone apps. A vast majority of the money apps concentrate on budgeting. However, they are in the habit of incorporating debt management simply as an afterthought. Today numerous innovative apps are dealing exclusively with debts and effective ways of managing it or paying it off.


If you are interested in using a spreadsheet to keep a record of debt repayment, you may opt for Vertex42 that is known to offer free budgeting, business, and financial templates. The snowball calculator is just right for people dealing with complicated numbers while paying down balances. You could consider adding monthly extra payments and even one-time payments or both. You could now easily see for yourself how relatively smaller amounts could leave a huge impact on your debt payoff timeline. Vertex 42 offers some other debt spreadsheets such as the ones for credit card payoff, credit repair, and mortgage payoffs. All these are free for you to download.


Nothing could beat Unbury.me in terms of simplicity. The app boasts of a streamlined interface and comes with no bells and whistles. You could use it for creating a payment plan. You would not require creating an account or logging in. Unbury.me is known to be tremendously easy to navigate and user-friendly. It comes free of cost.


Undebt.it is known to offer a powerful set of tools and that may include the capacity to pick from six distinct payment plans and the option for creating a custom-tailored plan. Even though the basic or the core services are free, you would need to shell out $12 every year for Undebt.it + or premium services like account reports, bill management, and the capability of syncing with YNAB, the budgeting software. If you are still having debt issues and need expert assistance get in touch with Nationaldebtrelief.com for prompt and perfect solutions.


When users opt for Tally, it is as if they have put their debt repayment practically on autopilot mode. Users are supposed to start by simply registering their cards with the app and it would go about making automatic payments that are based on what precisely the app regards as the most advantageous repayment schedule. Qualified users could avail a line of credit offered by Tally with an interest rate ranging from 7.9 percent to 19.9 percent. If a user’s credit card charges a relatively higher rate of interest, Tally would transfer the maximum amount possible from that line of credit for paying off the outstanding credit card debt.

The line of credit’s minimum monthly payment would be rolled seamlessly into each month’s statement. Even though Tally makes debt repayment simple and easy, it cannot be used by everyone. Tally is available only in the District of Columbia and 28 states. Moreover, you could be regarded as eligible for Tally’s line of credit provided you have a credit score of a minimum 660. However, you could use Tally minus this line of credit feature.


PayForEd is supposed to be an efficient debt payoff tool particularly for individuals with student loans. This tool would be providing solutions for people planning to pursue a college education, students who are already in a college, and even the graduates who are attempting to pay off their existing student loans. PayForEd helps in breaking down the entire cost of a college education into the amount a student could expect to pay back during the months and even the years post getting their graduation degree. Individuals with student loans could keep tracking their debt consistently, go on comparing the repayment plans and choose the debt forgiveness or refinancing programs accordingly.


LoanBuddy is marketed chiefly to financial professionals. It provides an easy way of analyzing student loan debt. LoanBuddy would be demonstrating all your available options and precise costs associated with them. LoanBuddy has an effective federal repayment calculator. Moreover, it could be customized using private loan data.

Debt Manager and Tracker

Debt Manager and Tracker would be showing you precisely what you owe or it may show what amount is owed by someone to you. The app comes up with brilliant visual features which may include graphs demonstrating your present debt settlement. The app boasts of competent tracking capabilities for monitoring all your payments. You would further, get regular updates on your present debt balance. You could pay just $0.99 for upgrading to the app's Pro version. We understand that the upgraded version would come with no ads, fingerprint security/PIN, and messaging abilities.


Paying off all your existing debts and managing your overall finances is a challenging task. Fortunately, the debt payoff tools discussed above could help you with the most effective repayment option just right for your unique situation. One of the best things about opting for an app or a tool is that you could have handy debt information at all times. This implies that you could easily manage your debts and other aspects of your financial life well so that you could become relaxed and debt-free fastest possible.

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