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10 Tips to Improve Mobile App User Experience

These days there're trillion-millions of mobile apps available on the app store but more than 70% of them are unsuccessful. Any guesses why? Let me give you a hint on that "The reason is the same for the most of them"

Yes, you guessed that right, POOR USER EXPERIENCE. This is the place where maximum businesses and developers are lacking.

In this guest post, I'm going to share some insight information which is immensely going to be helpful for you, especially if you're someone owning a business. Here, I'll be discussing how can you provide a better user experience through an improved mobile app design.

I've curated some of the suggestions for you people who're willing to improve the user experience of their mobile apps.

Have A Glance At Some Of The Top Practices To Improve Your Mobile App User Experience

1. Design Your App With Simplicity

One thing is certain over here and that is if someone has downloaded your app then there will surely be some plans into the mind of a person. And to make sure that your app is able to work according to their needs, you need to ensure that there're NO unwanted functions that come on their way.

The reason being, it will leave the users with frustration which will lead them to the point where they will soon close your app or could consider uninstalling that as well.
So, to make certain that users are able to get the information for which they're looking out, you need to get a mobile app that is designed with simplicity.

2. Search Efforts Should Be Minimum

This tip is of great importance. To improve the UX of your mobile app, you ought to have a mobile application that helps the users to find the information they're seeking for quickly.

This way you will be able to meet their level of expectation, which would, later on, lead to the increase in a conversion rate as well. The great help here would be to add filters and search options over here.

With this, users will be able to find the information for what they're seeking for.

3. Reduce User Input

Reduce User Input

Many times there comes a situation when a mobile app asks a user to input some sort of information, so in that case, always prefer that user input is minimal.

The reason being, most of the time, users get frustrated and annoyed when an application asks a user to input more information, which may lead to a situation when a user prefers opting for the app. In a case, if you don't want it to happen with you, consider this tip on a serious note.

4. Provide A Complete Assistance

Provide A Complete Assistance

Always offer the proper assistance to your users by proving them with a support option. Maximum times, there comes a situation when the user will look out for help, and in that case, the support option will function as a savior.

For that, ensure that the support section is easily accessible for the users having different options like live-chat, calling facility, FAQ and much more.

5. Test With Users

It is a very important thing with which you need to follow-up in the right way. You can move ahead with the testing method, but getting it tested by the users at the stage of initial development can be a huge help for you.

This way, you will be able to rectify glitches at the very stage. In fact, this will also enable you to save the efforts, and time of many people.

6. Be Visual

Try to be as much visual as you could. Add engaging visual effects in the mobile application so that it seems more pleasing to the eyes of users. Wait, don't take me wrong over here!!

With the point "add engaging visual effects" I don't mean to make it messy by adding lots of unnecessary effects into it, you need to ensure that you're adding sufficient visuals into it. Hence, add some attractive visuals to keep users interested.

7. Follow Guidelines

Follow Guidelines

There're some guidelines for everything and the same is in the case of UI as well. No matter what is your approach to design the mobile application, you need to make sure that you're strictly sticking with guidelines and there's no such element in it that's making you work against the guide.

You need to give proper attention to the core features which you have been adding into the mobile application and make sure that are matching well with the guidelines and rules.

8. Update It Frequently

Update It Frequently

Everything is evolving with each passing day and the same is with the development niche as well. Technology is growing, so you need to ensure that you're following up with that.

This way, you will be able to ensure that you're making the changes in your app according to new tactics and logic which lately lead you to new users.

9. Make Everything Clear

You need to design a mobile application in such a way that every user can easily get to know what the function of this specific button is and how does he or she can use it. Here, your goal should be to design an application that makes the experience of the user more intuitive.

Well, here I would personally suggest you to prefer the platform-specific standards for Android and iOS.

10. Test It & Improve The App

Test It & Improve The App

Well, testing is something that you cannot overlook in any condition. This is something which functions as a life-savior.

Once you test the app, you will get to know numerous factors concerned with your app, which may lead you to the point where there are chances of getting a customer-centric and bug-free app.


Overlooking the mobile app UX can surely lead you to the point where you'll get many user abandonment rates and negative criticism. And to avoid such pitfalls it’s essential to offer a great user experience.

So, I hope you'll follow up these tips and work for them. Let me know, what your views are on it.

About The Author
Liza Kosh

Liza Kosh is known for her tremendous contribution as a senior writer who loves to share her views on topics covering upcoming technology and the market trends. She is currently associated with a mobile app development company based in the USA as a content strategist.

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