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15 Useful Apps Every Pet Lover Needs To Have

Technology based applications are solutions that are in demand by the pet owner’s for their loved pets. These mobile apps designed for daily activities or special purposes innovatively support the pet lovers.

Companies now have opined to be technologically strong and invest in unique applications. With Android apps in demand, the developers are launching more and more small downloadable, fast working mobile apps.

Pet Tech Will Impact the Future of the Pet Market:

  1. Tagg: This app requires monthly subscription fee and is worth as it helps the pet owners to keep track of highly active dogs that may run out of house. It notifies and tracks your dog in real time due to GPS. This works for rabbit too, now they can be free of indoor rabbit hutch.

  2. iKibble: Free app informs what your dog just ate off the floor this makes monitoring easy and has health benefits. Anything they eat is good for humans but not for pets can upset, their stomach or cause diseases and you can approach vet for advice.

  3. iclicker: This app lets you talk to a vet or pet trainer, by sending your pet's photo and know if it is healthy or needs to go on diet.

  4. Pet First Aid: This helps in providing first aid to the pet, it gives off-line, step-by-step instructions to treat the pet for burns, severe cold, give artificial respiration, guidelines on what to do when the pet is actually hurt, has sprains or fractures. It has inbuilt scheduler for vaccination and maintaining short medical records of animals like allergies, vaccinations, diseases, medicines, contact details of veterinary doctor.

  5. 11pets: This free one simplifies the care your pets need, can set reminders for various actions on time. e.g., the application will remind you of bathing, medical check, vaccination, events. It preserves medical history of the pet including the Xrays. Designed for entering information of various pets i.e. cats, dogs, and parrots.

  6. Whistle Legacy: This free app has GPS, which can find the location and activity of a pet and monitor its health with help of indicators displaying body temperature, pulse rate, weight etc. This app consumes less battery and has more coverage area.

  7. Pet phone: This app helps manage all details of your pet and allows you to create multiple profiles of your pets if you have more than one pet. It is easier to set reminders of their vet appointments, medicines, health issues, and weight details to maintain the history, and many more features that are customizable.

  8. MapMyDogWalk: This app tracks the exercise your dog is really doing that what you think about the walk distance, which seems longer than it is and gives no benefit of exercise to the pet.

  9. Trottr: This free app helps find a certified dog walker in your area. You can schedule dog walks view the route, check that the dog really walks, and even pay through this app.

  10. Bring Fido: : The BringFido app helps you find hotels, beaches, parks, that are pet-friendly while you are traveling. Search restaurants that do not charge extra fees for pet entry. You can even book a room where you can stay with your pet, all using this application and spend happy time.

  11. Barkcam: This app captures you pet's photo with you as if it is actually looking at the camera, it allows you to add the fun stickers to the photo or use some filters to make the photo look even better. Upload these photos with your dog and share with your friends.

  12. Cat Fishing 2: The cats will love this free game app of cat fishing, small fishes seem to be floating on the screen, which the pet tries to catch with its paws and claws. It gives you some free time to do personal work and need not attend the cat continuously nor does it sit idle and get bored.

  13. DoggyDatez: This app helps to find the dog breeders in nearby locality and you can set up meeting or joint walks. The owners become part of social network and understand the needs to your dog. You can mark the territory to check who all are looking for breeding mates, what is the breed, age, gender and is the pet healthy.

  14. Dig: It is dating app for humans who are love dogs and check if your dog is loved enough; by this new person in your life. Helps you manage pets and personal life or if your god does not mix with people you like.

  15. Human-to-Cat Translator: This app allows the pet owner to know the pet better. It translates the question into the cat's speech and shows the reply cat gave which helps in taking care of the pet. It has16 standard commands inbuilt. Both free and paid versions are available.

Seemingly, the future of technology based applications for pet care is evidently improving as majority of pet owners wish to have tracking devices, nutrition apps and fitness trackers. Startups are inventing new ideas to simplify pet owner lives.

About The Author
Harsh Arora

Harsh Arora is a proud father of four rescued dogs and a leopard gecko. Besides being a full-time dog father, he is a freelance content writer/blogger and an educationist, with more than 6 years experience in the field of content writing.

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