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10 Features that you must have in your fitness tracking app

The ongoing corona virus pandemic has been a vital force in shifting people's attention towards fitness. And as a result of this, there has been an unprecedented use of mobile fitness applications. According to research done by Grand View Research Inc, the global mobile health market is expected to reach $111.8 billion by the year 2025. Also, along with the fitness apps, there has been an ardent rise in the usage of wearable devices that helps the users to keep track of their fitness on the go and are easier to use.

A fitness tracking app can help the user in multiple ways, from tracking their fitness routine to preparing a diet plan according to their target. Moreover, a fitness application can play a pivotal role in increasing overall well-being with its immaculate features.

Thus, this blog will discuss the top ten features that will make a fitness mobile application 'a class-apart from its peers. We have prepared the list of the features by keeping a diet, workout plans, overall wellness regime, etc.

Brilliant features that make a fitness application better

As the realm of mobile fitness apps is enhancing by leaps and bounds, the competition is also getting intense. Thus, it is necessary to have some immaculate features that will make a fitness application better than its fellow apps.

Customized diet plans

To ensure that the user reaches their fitness goals and stays on them for a longer time, the fitness app must have a feature of tailor-made diet plans. This feature will allow the user to include their food specifications, allergies, intolerances, etc. Moreover, the diet plan feature will develop a food plan that the user would enjoy the most to stay on it for a longer time.

The customized diet plan will also render the list of ingredients and recipes that a user must have while following the regime to avoid any pitfalls.

Social media sharing

It is a known fact that people like to brag about their achievements on social media. And transforming your body for following a fitness plan is something that people like to show around. Thus, the fitness app must-have social media integration.

Sharing fitness achievements puts in the sense of satisfaction among the users. Moreover, if the fitness app has seamless integration with all the leading social media platforms, it will help in increasing the user engagement rate.

Real-time progress tracking

Keeping up with the fitness goals will require the user to track their progress. Thus, the business app needs to render real-time and overall tracking of their fitness journey with accurate data. Whether the calories burnt, set repetitions, hours of training, kilometers run, etc., everything must be counted on the tracking meter.

Moreover, it is also necessary that the fitness app developers keep it free from unnecessary things when it comes to progress tracking. Data overload will kill the overall user experience.

Multi-device synchronization

This feature will give the fitness application an extra edge over its peers. Multi-device synchronization will give users the freedom to use the fitness app from the device of their choice. Moreover, this feature will also play a pivotal role in making the app more user-friendly.

The mobile fitness apps that can be accessed through multiple devices are vital in enabling people to adapt to a healthier lifestyle as it delivers a comprehensive experience to them.

Push notifications

Everyone welcomes personalized notifications, especially if they come from a fitness app. It gives fitness enthusiasts a sense of purpose as no one likes to work out without a mission. But there are changes due to the busy nature of modern-day lifestyle, and the fitness enthusiast may skip their workout regime.

Therefore, in this case, a tailor-made pop-up message will help the user remember their workout session and keep them on track. But don't overdo it, as push notifications can work as a double-edged sword. Do not send too many notifications, as it can be an instant turnoff for the users.


If someone likes to take the stairs instead of taking an escalator, the altimeter feature will be very helpful for them to track their daily activity. Moreover, along with climbing the stairs, this feature will also help measure the efforts during running or jogging. The final results after the completion of the activity will have data from the altimeter and thus will render complete information to the user.

Personalized experience

Every individual that uses the fitness mobile application has different needs, body types, and fitness requirements. Therefore, if an app allows the user to set personalized targets according to their goal, they will be inclined to use that app more.

Therefore, facilitate the user by allowing them to set their targets and fitness timelines, their daily exercises and activities, etc. Personalized features will keep the users consistently hooked on the fitness app and increase its user base.

Live stream

A fitness mobile application with a video-on-demand or live streaming feature tends to do well with the target audience. Visual information and tutorials will make it easier for the users to understand the workout and their techniques. Moreover, videos are inspiring as they contain vital information about the exercise and help the user visualize its effects.

Online consultation

It becomes difficult to pursue exercises for a longer time without a trainer. The user might have many questions about the technique of the exercises and their effects, but if there is no one to consult, the whole process can become a little tricky. Thus, the mobile fitness app should have a feature of online consultation that can assist the users with their regime.

The users can interact with a fitness coach through video consultation or chat and clear their queries without delays.


Never underestimate the power of rewards. For example, if the user is at the gym and does five more pushups other than the required sets, the trainer will play their favorite song. This type of reward goes a long way and motivates fitness enthusiasts to be on their mark for more.

Giving rewards of any kind will keep the fitness enthusiast motivated to do better with each exercise regime. Moreover, there could be penalties for the users if they happen to miss their target.

Final words

If you are an entrepreneur looking to develop a fitness tracking app, this is the right time to do it. These apps have a promising future as people become more aware of their health, and with the ongoing pandemic, these apps will grow. But, first, conduct concrete research about the missing features and what the target audience wants. Features are the most important ingredient in the success of the app. Thus it is necessary to include them wisely.

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An enthusiastic Operations Manager at TopDevelopers.co - a leading directory of mobile app development companies, coordinates and manages the technical and functional areas efficiently. She is an adventure lover, passionate traveller, an admirer of nature, who believes that a cup of coffee is the prime source to feel rejuvenated. Researching and writing about technology keeps her boosted and enhances her professional journeying.

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