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Vintage Mystery Hidden Objects

Vintage Mystery Hidden Objects

by Mehul Sagar

Vintage Mystery Hidden Objects
Vintage Mystery Hidden Objects
Vintage Mystery Hidden Objects

You are at the perfect place because Vintage Mystery hidden objects is a new mystery hidden object game.

In this game you have to look for hidden objects in various locations and its a full of mystery.
This game have simple controls to operate. Just tap anywhere on screen to find the object. But watch out don’t touch the wrong objects. It has different levels to be discovered.

If you need assistance, use the hint.

Find all the things hidden in a picture of messy mansion and share this hidden object adventure with your friends and family members.

The beautiful game design provides hours of fun while you have to search for a variety of hidden things like treasures, candy, fruits and vegetables, big toys, bear, coffee cups, cute little animals like dogs and cats, parrot and teddy bear etc.

Search and find secret hidden objects in a picture of mansion and explore the mysterious worlds beyond your imagination with stunning mystery levels and challenging puzzles. Enter a new fantasy crush hidden object world and enjoy one of the best mystery games.

This educational app is a real fun and an excellent type of learning games for kids with secret objects hidden in a room which provides adventure exercises to improve vocabulary, a jelly great educational aid for children of all ages.

Features :

Excellent graphics
Smooth gameplay
Easy controls
Lots of levels
Hint functionality 
More theme pack

Enjoy the beautiful world of mystery manor and test your hidden objects detective skills and don't forget to give your valuable feedback for improving our games!

So what you are waiting for? Don’t waste time for finding hidden object games. Download Vintage Mystery Hidden Objects and have fun.

Try it Now! Its Free On Play Store!


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