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Up : Adventure time

Up : Adventure time

by Akshat Agrawal


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Up : Adventure time
Up : Adventure time
Up : Adventure time
Up : Adventure time
Up : Adventure time
Up : Adventure time
Up : Adventure time
Up : Adventure time
Up : Adventure time
Up : Adventure time
Up : Adventure time

Up adventure time take you to a fantasy world of a true story between you and butterflies

Up adventure time is a highly Simple Endless Runner game with immersive and Innovative Game Play Mechanics. Up brings a unique rope physic based mechanic with enchanting universe to the genre.

"Butterflies butterflies take you high where your feeling lies, where you wanted to hang in the sky. Butterflies Butterflies takes you high."

Up adventure time is a [F2P] Free to Play Game for Casual Players PG – 3+ [Realised World Wide in 22 Supported Language].

You play as butterflies trying to save your friends from the angry dragon. Press both thumb to fly high.

Days are morning and evening is the start of night butterfly’s butterflies give me your power of wings and take me up in the sky.

While hanging on the rope 
Tap left to slide towards right.
Tap right to slide towards left.
It is a reverse mechanic where you do not care of any situation when you are up in the sky.

God words have been said, butterfly’s butterflies take me up in the sky

The apple theory of Newton teaches a lesson to the dear butterflies Gravity is constant = dragon will chase you up in the sky

Secret code is in workshop get your weapon and fly up in the sky. 
Apply newton apple theory to save your self and retry from the same point where you die.

- Collect and buy power-ups.
- Upgrade your power-ups
- Unlock cute amazing characters
- Play story mini game daily and get rewards
- Complete google play service " challenges "
- Complete " Daily mission "
- score highest on Google play " leader board "

- Unique endless runner with rope mechanic 
- Unlock new stories every week

In news
- New character on the way
- New story mini game on the way

Miss spelling / rhyming 
UP, ups , upper , upward , high , fly , butterfly

Disclaimer by Cupid 
- up is a free-to-play game.
- Player can purchase in game currency from real money.
- Use of this application is governed by Aaryavarta technologies.

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