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Shopping Fashion Lifestyle : Mall Girl

Shopping Fashion Lifestyle : Mall Girl

by Mehul Sagar


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Shopping Fashion Lifestyle : Mall Girl
Shopping Fashion Lifestyle : Mall Girl
Shopping Fashion Lifestyle : Mall Girl
Shopping Fashion Lifestyle : Mall Girl
Shopping Fashion Lifestyle : Mall Girl

Are you looking for a good rich life? you got a best place here. Its time to live luxury life girls!

- Lots of makeup & cosmetics at MAK to look gorgeous!
- Personal fashion stylist - instruct her your like & dislike and find your suitable style!
- Find your favourite shop at biggest mall you have!
- Get all things like Dresses, Makeup accessories, Face Spa, Nail Salon at one place!
- Get ready for cat walk competition & win style competition!
- Cat walk like a super model & show off your stylish outfits!
- Tired? No problem, you have best face spa within the mall - freshen up with ever best facial!
- Best dress up game!

> Face Spa 
First step to be like a trending fashion girl. Got best facial experts to make you look fresh & gorgeous like never before! try all the best tools we have for you like facial massager, hair remover, steamer, cleansing brush, scrub etc.. You will get best pretty & gorgeous look like a super star.

> Makeup
Once you are fresh, looking awesome, you need a makeup artist. we have all you need! choose from tons of cosmetics like blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, eyebrow, earring, neck-lash, different eyeballs, stylish hair selection etc.. This will make you look a Star Girl!

> Dress Up
After you done makeup, there is a personal dress up stylist for you. You just tell her your likes and dislike and choose best outfit from tons of options available. try dresses which you like. give them a Like OR Dislike. You can try all the dresses and accessories. stylish girls always like shopping with friends. You can select different exciting dresses like skirt, barbie dress etc..

> Nail Salon
Stylish girl always want gorgeous nail paint while shopping. here also you will get different nail colour, stickers, cartoons etc.. And before this, you need to clean your hand by tools provided. after nail paint , dress up and makeup you will look like a fashionista girl. show your style to the world.

> CatWalk
You are all set to compete with other stylish girl ava. shop best, look gorgeous and compete with other in catwalk. super star cat walk arranged for you. now you are a star model. stylish girl.

> Photo shoot
Girl’s most favourite photo shoot. Take different style beautiful photos. show your friends your new stylish look. Capture stylish exciting poses.

Enjoy Shopping Girls!

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