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Scrolls Of Gloom

Scrolls Of Gloom

by Crave Creative


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Scrolls Of Gloom
Scrolls Of Gloom
Scrolls Of Gloom
Scrolls Of Gloom
Scrolls Of Gloom

Casual RPG (role-playing game) with match 3 combat which is easy to learn and fun to play.

Finally the Casual RPG you've been waiting for! Scrolls Of Gloom is not your average dungeon crawler which typically have high learning curves. Its a casual blend of character management, dungeon crawling and match 3 combat which is easy to learn and fun to play.

You are a fearless Sorceress who found magic spell scrolls that were hidden for centuries. The scrolls can transport you into secret dungeons where you can fight wandering monsters and get loot. 

Explore dungeons while fighting wandering monsters and collecting loot. Use the gold and gems you loot to enhance your character. Find the key in each dungeon to unlock the next magic dungeon portal scroll. If you die or don’t use the exit portal you will lose half of the gold you collected while in the dungeon. Walking into a red potion will heal you if you need it. Use gold to increase your experience level which will increase your health points and melee damage. Use gems to enchant your weapon and spells to inflict more damage. During combat the more tiles you match the greater the damage. Matching spell or weapon tiles damages the monster. Matching skull tiles damages you. A mini map is created as you explore a dungeon which you can refer to for help navigating the dungeon.

Download Scrolls Of Gloom and start your adventure today!

+ Explore dungeons
+ Battle wandering monsters
+ Collect loot
+ Match 3 style combat
+ Daily bonus chest
+ Enchant weapon with gems
+ Enchant spells with gems
+ Unlock dungeon scrolls
+ Use health potions
+ Magic cards can be good or bad
+ Convert gems to other gems
+ Melee and Spell attacks
+ Level-up your character
+ Unlock new spells at higher levels
+ Mini map created as you explore
+ Easy to learn and play

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