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Potato and Tomato

Potato and Tomato

by Claude Newman


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Potato and Tomato
Potato and Tomato

Do you like to push your skills and luck to the edge? Then Potato and Tomato is the best multiplayer game for you.

Potato and Tomato is a free multigame, multi-player arcade game platform that allows you to play with your friends and family. Hours of fun filled addictive games with your friends and family: leading your own animal chess in Behind You a Jungle!, finding the difference in classic Photo Mania Resistance, and more to challenge your brain and your luck!

Current games available on the platform include:
1)Behind You A Jungle!: Lead your pack of animals, all with their own unique abilities, to victory over your opponent. Flip and pray that your elephant king does not end up beside that poisonous mouse!Fight with your friends, family or random strangers and climb that leaderboard to become the true jungle king in this strategy game that tests your luck and skills. (Available in 2 player versus mode)
2)Photo Mania Resistance: Sick of not being able to find the difference in classic photohunt game? Now form a team to feel sick together! Multi-player Photo Mania Resistance is here, and your job is to find a team of sharp-eyed friends/family or random strangers to work together to protect the castle from the evil knight! Be the team to beat - 800 pairs of photos, with more added daily, to keep your eyes glued to the screen for hours! The most challenging find the difference game yet to be seen in the world of Android has arrived. (Available in co-op mode of up to 8 players)

This platform is perfect for time killing, leisure and providing a little challenge to your brain.

Cool features include:
- Multiple multi-player games (currently 2) to choose from, with more to come
- Create or join Multi-player games using the in-game lobby
- Easily play with friends and family using the invite system
- High quality design graphic and nice music - courtesy of some of the most talented freelance folks
- Chat with players with the in-game text and voice chats
- Easy reconnect if the game is disconnected
- Continue game even after dropping offline temporarily
- Longgggg leaderboard
- Nostalgic arcade style game token mechanism, which gives you free coins for you to continue in this awesome free multi-player platform!
- See every smart move, hesitation and mistake of your friends in-game
- Compatible in all Android tablets and phones with Android version above 4.1
- Hours of fun and memories, to keep you and your friends, family and kids talking for weeks to come!

Give this free multiplayer platform a try and play addictive games with your friends and family, kids or adults!

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