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Jump Time

Jump Time

by Roasted Bananas


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Jump Time
Jump Time
Jump Time
Jump Time
Jump Time
Jump Time
Jump Time

Get ready to test your skill with this great original arcade-style hyper casual game. Complete levels by tapping and holding to eject the boards from the wall, allowing the ball to bounce up: only a well-timed tap will lead you to the top of the tower.

Sound easy? You wish!

With 'Jump Time' you bounce from one board to another and try to reach the finish flag to complete each level. If you miss bouncing off a plank your ball falls down and shatters to pieces. Don't touch the red parts of the plank! Or you WILL shatter.
Collect 'seconds' for each bounce you make and use them to buy different characters. As you progress through the levels, you can jump on dark green planks to get a boost. Each level is unique and dynamic and tests out your reaction abilities. Easy to learn, but difficult to master.

If you're looking for an even harder challenge, try out the Extreme levels. With faster ball bouncing mechanisms these levels are not for the faint-hearted!
That's not all, this one-touch arcade game also has multiple game modes; Endless, Side to Side and Cannons, which are all randomized to give you a unique challenge at each go.

• 🆙Levels - 25 levels and 5 extreme levels. All unique!
• ♾️Endless - try and achieve the highest score you can and rank higher in the leaderboards.
• 💥Cannons - tap and shoot out the planks for a fast-paced game session
• 👀 Side to side - tap and hold to push out orange and yellow planks. Orange pushes you left, whilst yellow pushes you right.

• 35 unlockable characters
• Bonus levels with a different background. Get the opportunity to earn 150 coins for completing every bonus level!
• Collect coins (seconds) and use it to unlock new ball characters.
• Jump Time is an offline game!
• Original music and audio for an ambient and immersive experience.
• Stunning and appealing 2D graphics. Minimalist design

• Tap and hold your finger on the screen to push out the boards from the wall
• Your ball bounces off each board which propels it higher
• Keep pushing out each board to reach the top of the tower
• Complete levels by reaching the top of the tower or try out endless modes where you try and achieve the highest score. 'Jump Time' is a great time killer!

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