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Escape Room : Mystery door

Escape Room : Mystery door

by TGS Game Studio


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Escape Room : Mystery door
Escape Room : Mystery door
Escape Room : Mystery door
Escape Room : Mystery door
Escape Room : Mystery door
Escape Room : Mystery door
Escape Room : Mystery door
Escape Room : Mystery door
Escape Room : Mystery door
Escape Room : Mystery door

TGS Game Studio proudly presents “Escape Room: Mystery door”, join this adventure journey of point and click game.

Are you ready for the challenge of the mysterious door games? You're in the right state of mind.If you want to get over a tough circumstance, think creatively and solve puzzles and hidden object games that are hidden from view.

Test your own abilities! The game has a lot of mysterious stages, each with multiple ways out. To escape, you must employ adventure puzzles, tips, and the finding of a hidden room. Enjoy some brainteasers for an hour.

The game combines traditional room escape and point-and-click missions.

You won't get tired of playing it because each level features a different set of puzzles together with realistic, styled theme games and animation. Our mini-games feature stunning interactive graphics with vibrant colors and eye-catching gameplay aspects. Decide to play a rational and entertaining game. To escape the mystery chamber, apply observation, analysis, and reason.

You awoke in a quiet room. What's going on here? How did you come to this location? These are the questions you'll have to answer as you move from room to room throughout the story.

You will encounter numerous riddles, puzzles, code locks, and other issues while playing that must be resolved in order to unlock the last door.

The enigma of the closed chambers narrative. They appear unrelated at first, but as the story goes on, you will learn the truth about them.

50 Mystery Room Escape is definitely the puzzle game for you if you're looking for you.

Begin your quest and take on intricate mysteries involving escape rooms. It will be enjoyable and fascinating. Try to answer the clues as you play several brainteasers in order to locate the exit door, find the key, and steal the treasures. Play the puzzle-adventure games and enter the mysterious escape room.

Game features:

 * Discover all the 50 levels of secrets!
 * Suitable for all gender age groups
 * Exciting search for hidden objects
 * So many puzzles and riddles, that you may think you have no escape from this rooms
 * Stunning designs and graphics.
 * Amazing Graphics.
 * Daily gifts and rewards available
 * A completely immersive escape room experience

Available in 20 languages 
(English, Arabic, Chinese simplified, Chinese Traditional, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish,Turkish, Vietnamese)

Can you escape from this puzzle rooms?

Download it now as soon as possible! Start a mystery journey now!
I can't wait anymore. Let's start the game now.....

About TGS Game Studio:
We are developing the best escape games. Lot's of challenging puzzles in inside game. Just try our games.

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Write to us at info.tgs.games@gmail.com in case of any queries. We are happy to help!

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