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Dead Count - Zombie Spree

Dead Count - Zombie Spree

by Z Infinity Games Private Limited


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Dead Count - Zombie Spree
Dead Count - Zombie Spree
Dead Count - Zombie Spree
Dead Count - Zombie Spree
Dead Count - Zombie Spree

Welcome to the madness!
Immerse yourself in a brilliant new variant of tower defence game. Protect your last barrel of Beer from the Zombie horde and score on!

Forget beer pong, quarters, movie characters... Who needs beer drinking games when beer IS the game! Protect your cask of golden ale from zombies! And not just any zombie, beer-chugging zombies! Don’t ask why they couldn’t go after barrels of pinot noir or chardonnay, grab a gun and shoot them, quick! Don’t forget to rejuvenate by nabbing energy bolts, because what good beer-maker doesn’t leave a few energy bolts around for that extra boost of energy? If the zombies get to your beer cask despite your best efforts, then consider it a Beerexit. But we welcome players of all nationalities, don’t you worry!

In the city of Beerlin, the populace craved for Beer all day! A sudden crisis of Beer struck the city making everyone go erratic and eventually turn into zombie like creatures. Hiding from this madness, one old man managed to stay human using his last stock of Beer. Years passed, while he was figuring a way out and finally the day came when the zombies discovered the presence of Beer and started breaking open the barrel. The years of collected fear manifested into rage and he jumps in action to protect his Beer and shoot his way out!

Game Features:
• Experience a fresh and fun new Zombie shooting game
• Face-off funny and atrocious zombies
• Adopt uber cool weapons such as the Acid gun, Jumbo-ice gun, Radical gun and a lot more!
• Become the unstoppable, by using powerful boosters such as the Shockwave, Thunder Strike and the ultimate Nuke!
• Unlock brag worthy titles as you Score higher and rise up the leaderboard
• Collect timed rewards daily and special bonuses from notifications
• Double your fun by inviting friends on facebook and dash through each other’s score. The best player tops it all!
• Share your score across all popular apps including whatsapp, twitter, instagram and a lot more
• Game center powered Leaderboard to watch your friends and competitors! 
• Designed just for you! with simple controls and first of its kind (in a shooting genre) - cyclic movement mechanics
• Play anytime, anywhere! Just keep scoring!

For any assistance / support visit http://www.zinfinitygames.com

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Have fun playing Dead Count!

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