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Calendar Plus - Agenda Planner

Calendar Plus - Agenda Planner

by 5S Studio

Calendar Plus - Agenda Planner
Calendar Plus - Agenda Planner
Calendar Plus - Agenda Planner
Calendar Plus - Agenda Planner
Calendar Plus - Agenda Planner
Calendar Plus - Agenda Planner
Calendar Plus - Agenda Planner
Calendar Plus - Agenda Planner

Do you want to be productive and orderly? Need reminders of important tasks or memorable memories? Try Calendar Plus - Agenda Planner to manage your work and life.

Calendar Plus - Agenda Planner is a free digital calendar app. The app combines all your personal and work calendars. You can create events, reminders, customize your calendar view.... Fantastical calendar will help you stay organized and enjoy your life easier.

Calendar is a tool for planning agendas, keeping track of upcoming meetings, times and appointments. It helps you visualize your daily schedule on the calendar and organize them logically according to your needs.

🏅 Reason for choose this Good Calendar
✔️ All in one. Work calendar, business calendar, personal calendar, note calendar
✔️ Add attachments: photos, recordings, draw to tasks
✔️ Simple and effective interface
✔️ Monthly, weekly, daily calendar view
✔️ Check today's schedule, planner organizer (agenda for 2023)
✔️ Task management with color
✔️ Multiple theme colors to choose from
✔️ Set reminders for important events
✔️ Synchronize with Google Drive. Never lose data
✔️ Calendar widget from home screen
✔️ Export calendars by day, week, month to pdf or print them.
✔️ Quick search
✔️ More national holiday schedules

📅 Calendar day, weekly planner, monthly planner
Detailed observation, overview of your schedule. Calendar planner helps your eyes feel more comfortable when planning agendas and appointments.

🎨 Manage calendars with colors
Each task type has a different color, helping you sort, filter, and overview your to-dos

🖨️ Export PDF or Print schedule
Calendar+ supports exporting all calendars (day, week, month) to PDF or you can print them for easy management

✨ Calendar widget from home screen
Calendario have 3 types of widgets: Quick Calendar, Agenda Sticky, Month Sticky. You can easily create events, view to-do lists right at the home screen.

⏰ Reminder for agenda
Never forget important events and holidays

☁️ Backup and restore
All tasks, photos, recordings... are synced to your google drive. Don't worry about data loss when you change a new phone or the phone has a problem.

In short, Calendar Plus - Agenda Planner is a good scheduler, planner and task manager and is worth installing and trying out.
Any problems and questions, mail us via: fivestars68studio@gmail.com

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