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Mantra Care : Wellness App

Mantra Care : Wellness App

by MantraCare


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Mantra Care : Wellness App
Mantra Care : Wellness App
Mantra Care : Wellness App

MantraCare is one of the most engaging and effective ways to improve your overall health. We help you reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, PCOD, Obesity, behavioral health, and musculoskeletal issues.

We have a breakthrough online program that inspires healthy habits you can live with long-term. With this free app, you can:

📌Reverse diabetes naturally
We power you with all tools needed to >beat diabetes including a Blood Sugar Tracker, Calorie Tracker, Diabetes Diet plan, Diabetes-friendly Recipes, Tips, Diabetes Course, Diabetes Exercise, Yoga, Dieticians, and Health coaches.

📌Improve heart health
Lower your blood pressure through a blood pressure tracker, lower cholesterol diet plan, stress reduction exercise, and health coaches.

📌Cure PCOS
Tackle PCOD using a weight tracker, PCOS-friendly Recipes, Tips, PCOS courses, Exercises, Yoga, Dieticians, and Health coaches.

📌Tackle Obesity
Reduce using weight tracker, Keto Recipes, >Weight reduction Tips, Weight-reduction Exercises, and Dieticians

📌Reduce Stress
Fight stress using Mood tracker, online therapies, Tai Chi, Motivational & Soothing songs

📌Deal with Musculoskeletal
Deal with back pain, neck pain, spline pain, and other physiotherapy issues through chats with our certified PTs

Start your health improvement journey and join 30,000+ users who have naturally improved their physical and >mental wellbeing. Our app provides education, inspiration, and support to people suffering from chronic diseases across the world. Our patients heal, in an easy, unique way by staying connected with an assigned team of doctors, dieticians, and health coaches

🏅About Mantra Care:
Mantra Care is a global digital healthcare service provider. We have pioneered an online health platform that can treat chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and physiotherapy. Our online programs combine world-class science, technology, and design to inspire and enable people everywhere to live free of chronic disease. Named one of the Most Innovative Companies in the World, our team includes passionate and talented individuals from ISB, Wharton, and Mckinsey. You can also our visit subsidiary >MantraCare Wellness

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