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Buzz Slayer - Mosquito Smasher

Buzz Slayer - Mosquito Smasher

by bgunduz

Buzz Slayer - Mosquito Smasher
Buzz Slayer - Mosquito Smasher
Buzz Slayer - Mosquito Smasher
Buzz Slayer - Mosquito Smasher
Buzz Slayer - Mosquito Smasher
Buzz Slayer - Mosquito Smasher


   Buzz Slayer is a buzz-killing game that lives up to the phrase fly-fishing. Normally, fly fishing is interpreted as unemployment, but in this game, our job will be to catch flies.
  Flies are oppressive animals that disturb everyone, whether they are children, adults or the elderly… This time, we will not leave them alone.
With this fun gameplay, you will smash the flies to compete with your friends for high scores.
You can meet flies everywhere; At home, by the water, in nature, in the creek, hill, forest, playing ball or driving a car...
   Won't you listen to a buzz too? Especially at your most comfortable moment, when you are asleep… Won't you chase that buzz? Heh, here's a game to chase after the buzz.
    With the themes found in the game, we caught the disturbing that a little bit of reality activates.
     So, while we are not so pleased, is there anyone who likes these flies? Of course there is. Some animals… In Buzz Slayer, you will witness with a smile how much these cute animals love flies. You will also love the sounds. I can already imagine your smile.
     If we look at the content of the game...

Buzz Slayer's Rules;
• "You get 1 point when you kill a fly"
• "Watch Out for the Time Fly!"
• "When you kill a time fly, you gain 1 life"
• "Time fly comes one at each level"
• "There are 10 time flies in total"
• "Time doesn't come until you get all the flies"
• "Another point of attention: Bomb"
• "When you detonate the bomb, you will lose 1 life. If you run out of lives, it's game over..."
• "At the end of the game, you either go back to the beginning or continue where you left off by watching ads"
• "There are more than one inventory in the game. These are fly wand, muscular arm, frog, chameleon, flycatcher, flamethrower"
• "The flies in the game speed up until they reach level 16 and add difficulty to the gameplay"
          General features;
• 5 Language Support (Turkish, English, German, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese)
• Ad-Free Play
• For All Ages
• Different Game Modes
• Best Free Game Ever
• Run Fingers
• Infinite levels
• The Most Beautifully Animated Home Screen
• Theme Appropriate Music
• Live Themes
• Android and Ios Compatible
• Entertaining

Have fun..

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