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Bounce Ball

Bounce Ball

by Rooftop apps

Bounce Ball
Bounce Ball
Bounce Ball
Bounce Ball
Bounce Ball
Bounce Ball

Bounce Ball is a simple, entertaining and free android game.
Bounce ball is going on to become the best android arcade game given its perfect balance of challenge and addiction.
Bounce Ball is even more challenging than flappy Bird and crossy road combined could ever be. Yet the rule is don't hit the obstacle or fall through the gaps.
Bounce a ball might sound easy but once the ball starts Bouncing, the challenge begins. There is no stopping to catch your breath. You have to Bounce a ball over all given obstacles until you have none left.  

Bounce ball has three simple objectives which are:
1) Roll quickly under falling spikes before they burst your ball
2) Bounce a ball over obstacles randomly placed on your way as fast as you can its simple but not an easy task 
3) Cover as much distance in Bounce ball as you can to achieve the best score.
4) Perfect your timing and bounce a ball over all obstacles successfully in Bounce ball
5) Share your bounce ball score with other users and challenge them.
6) Share Bounce ball with your friends and get them to beat your score.

Google play services
Battle friends for the high score in bounce ball by avoiding obstacles and automatically share your score on Googleplay leaderboard. Do you have the skill and patience to be number one on Bounce Ball? Can you be the best in Bounce Ball?

How to Play Bounce Ball
Bounce ball has just one simple instruction tap the screen to bounce a ball and go far to increase your score.
The person who will bounce a ball and covers the most distance get the most points these are then shared automatically with the Bounce Ball integrated leaderboard.

- 100% free
- Simple and addictive
- Endless game play you never have to worry about the game ending
- Customized graphics and characters
- Enhanced audio
- Share your Bounce Ball scores with your friends via Leaderboard and also whatsapp, Messaging, facebook and Twitter.

To Keep you much much more entertained Bounce ball shall be doing seasonal updates with new characters and updated graphics to get you in a relaxed and gaming mood.

*Note Bounce Ball does not Record any personal information
*Bounce Ball is the best arcade game to pass time. 
*Share Bounce Ball with your friends and family and get them tapping away to bounce a ball further than you.

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