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Balloon Bits

Balloon Bits

by madbird games

Balloon Bits
Balloon Bits
Balloon Bits
Balloon Bits
Balloon Bits

• Most entertaining game for kids and adult.
• One touch game easy to play.
• Rising force of balloon with different backgrounds.
• Balloons of different colors rise from ground and bump fly into the sky.
• Single tap game to move from obstacles.
• You will get crazy obstacles in the levels; you have to blast the game to protect your balloon.
• Endless game play or levels
• Easily bit your figure to balloon from right to left and left to right.
• Different skin of balloon and attractive colors of balloons.
• Be a hero, play by hyper casual game.

BB (Balloon Bit) has 3 different modes for making more interesting to play.

1) Westland:- 

 Different colors balloon and attractive background.
 Survive of balloon for perfection.
 Escape balloon from different moving object.
 Perfect move to fly balloon and reach up to colorful sky.
 Points on Dynamic shapes.
 Hit balloon against the obstacles.

2) Iceland:- 

 Protect balloon from different object.
 Save balloon from rocket, this may hit balloon.
 Different planet and orbit may hit balloon.
 Pass through water fall
 Safe from shining star and hilly mountains.
 Wreaked stone may hit your balloon make a safe zone from stone.

3) Build land:-

 Hop of balloon having different color combination.
 Dancing object are obstacles for balloon.
 Rolling of gear wheels.
 Laser gun shoot the balloon, save from shoot.
 Hammer can hit balloon.
 Rotating spinner can destroy your balloon.
 Different look of magic wall.
 Background and balloon combination.

 Skin Description:-

 No. of different skins balloon which have a great fun to play, you can choose any.
 Can pass social message of SAVE TREE and JOIN GREEN.
 Art lover will love this wall paint with different colors.
 Pet lovers enjoy playing balloon bit.
 Casual design and with different graphic of the game.

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