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68 Balls

68 Balls

by CrabCopyright


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68 Balls
68 Balls
68 Balls
68 Balls
68 Balls
68 Balls

A new game from My Selfie Story’s makers. Ideal for fans of bubble wrap popping

68 Balls is an exciting match-3 game: you need to explode groups of bubbles falling and bouncing under principles of physics.

Pop balls figures, balls colors, balls donuts, balls fruits and many other exciting and unusual ball options. Use your observation skills and break new levels. 
Play alone or invite your friends to see who has a quicker wit and is going to be the first. 
A wide range of levels lets you stay in a game as long as you like! 
The game process is very simple: get a task, find the bubbles, and pop them! Just touch the group of balls to remove it. 
A bad fall of bubbles? No big deal! Just shake your phone! 
Simple but exciting gameplay, which requires you to be on the ball, will knock you out and win you over. 

Break new levels, enjoy the game! 

★ Easy to pick up and play 
★ Tap the groups of the same bubbles to remove them all 
★ Colorful Balls fall and bounce under principles of physics and your every attempt unique 
★ Complete achievements and open new bright themes to your liking 
★ 1.000 easy and hard levels 
★ 13 bright themes: Figures, Day, Night, Flags of America, Flowers, Europe, Doughnuts, Billiards, Fruits, Eastern Europe, Kittens, Asia, Space. 
★ 10 more new themes update soon: Sport, Smiley Faces, Buttons, Tokens, Vinyl Records, Watches, Christmas, Birds, Wheels, Balls of wool.
No Internet connection required – play in plane, train or where ever you want


68 Balls is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.


Join us:
Web – https://crabcopyright.com 
Instagram – https://instagram.com/crabcopyright 
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/crabcopyright
Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/crabcopyright 
Telegram – https://t.me/crabcopyright 
VK –  https://vk.com/crabcopyright

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