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iOS Development

  • Esleepy App Company, LLC form U.S.A.

    Hello, there! We build apps.

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  • BeLight Software form U.S.A.

    BeLight Software is developing intuitive Mac, iOS and Windows apps for home design, text design, and productivity.

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  • EMMA Games for Kids form Germany

    Hello my dear friends! Welcome to my Profil of Popular Appsl! I am Emma, I am a little princess. I live in my beautiful Dreamland. I am very glad to see you also in my YouTube channel. I am very glad my dear little friends to see you I am very happy ! Hello!!! *** All Content created by EMMAGAMES and JUICYDESIGN Berlin Irina & Ronald Maier developed awesome and fabulous education and entertainment games for kids especially for little girls. We create super cute characters, illustrations, colors and animations! The main character of our games is the cutest girl SWEET LITTLE EMMA. She lives in her Dreamland ;-) Only recently Emma has little Friend. His name is Jacob. We can't wait to see what will have happened. All our game apps are familiy friendly and always includes beautiful music and cool soundeffects with adorable HD graphics and sounds.

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  • Smashbook form U.S.A.

    Smashbook Tennis Tracker App. Track your tennis scores, stats, friends and foes automatically like a pro. You can track live tennis matches or log completed results, singles and doubles and see professional level statistics over time. Connect to a player and discover even more tennis partners for future matches. Increase your tennis performance and scores by tracking your practice activities and compare them against friends and foes alike with Smashbook. Log three sessions (match or practice) per month for free. Access all of your data, statistics and players for free forever from your private account. Then Go Pro to log unlimited sessions for the cost of a few tennis balls. Smashbook is a data driven social cloud app to bring sophisticated tennis analytics to all players.

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  • EZR Companies LLC form U.S.A.

    Trasa Life is a wellness journey. Trasa ~ Free your mind... is our app, on the App Store, to support this journey. What is Trasa? It is achieving an emotional state of mental clarity and calmness. Trasa | Traw-Suh | is inspired by the latin adage Tabula Rasa, meaning clean slate, and the Gaelic word Trasa, meaning strength. By tapping into natural physiological rhythms through proprietary, patent pending, design and matching of sensory stimuli, we have found that immersing our sensations with Trasa briefly, and frequently, helps to free and strengthen our mind. We look forward to you achieving Trasa as well. Why Trasa? Wellness has been practiced for millennia through meditation, yoga and other forms. As our world has become more virtually connected, as demands on productivity and performance have grown, time has become less ours. Trasa was created to allow you to take back brief moments of time, and in so doing to improve your wellbeing. We think Milne, and Winnie the Pooh, captured it best, "Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something." Trasa supports brief moments of nothing. So that is the goal and purpose of Trasa, nothing. And by nothing, we mean the very best of something. We wish you Trasa!

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  • Wave Digital App Development form Australia

    Wave Digital is a Melbourne-based iPhone app, Android app and Web app development company founded in 2000. Our local designers and app developers create quality custom apps, delivered efficiently with reliable technology and flawless design.

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  • Audacity Games form

    Announcing Political Pitfalls - Path to the White House, a hilarious new political parody game from Audacity Games. Choose your favorite candidate, Donald or Hillary, and help them navigate all 50 states to become the next President of the United States. Each state presents a mind-bending physics puzzle in which the player swipes ropes and removes obstacles, creating a path for their candidate to reach the undecided voters. When a voter is touched by the candidate, he or she is converted to the candidate’s political party. Convert all the voters in a state and unlock the next level. Along the way, avoid scandals, grab campaign contributions and collect Campaign Buttons, animated bloopers featuring a hall of fame of political figures, including Donald, Hillary, Sarah, Ted, Bernie, VP Joe, Pres Obama, Mitt and Pres George W. Earn 3 stars on every state to sweep the nation and propel your candidate to victory.

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  • Act1Corporation form Japan

    I'm an independent game developer.

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  • TAQS.IM form U.S.A.

    World-Class Resource For Middle Eastern Music Aficionados Here at TAQS.IM, we’re passionate about Middle Eastern and World sounds. We’re also passionate about musicians, composers, producers, and music lovers. We believe that having great world sounds available and at your fingertips can not only enhance your projects but also enrich your life. That’s why we founded TAQS.IM; a resource where you get curated music, sound libraries, and learning tools. This way, whether you’re a professional musician developing new work, a producer adding effects to your next album, or a listener passionate about this genre – you have everything you need, right when you need it.

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  • Miroslav Capkovic form Slovakia

    I'm indie game developer, working mainly in Unity. Creator of Feed your Volcano and Peck and Nest. Preparing my third game.

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  • UniverseV: Star Domination
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