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Game Design

  • Dappa Games form United Kingdom

    Bringing you the best high quality free-to-play mobile games for IOS and Android.

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  • Mapi Games form Italy

    Indie Game Developer and 2D Graphic Artist.

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    Solo developer from Greenford OH.

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  • AJapps form

    Mobile Game Development Company

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  • DIGITAL KINGDOM form Switzerland

    Digital Kingdom (DK) is a new media company that specialises in developing video-games and interactive applications. We have two main areas of focus: Digital Kingdom products and Client interactive applications. Digital Kingdom products are applications developed in-house. These are mainly fun video games for the smartphone market. These products help us continually sharpen our own technical skills while also creatively marketing our services. Interactive applications. For specific clients, we conceptualise, design and develop interactive applications for the world of media, education, industry and culture – always combining the very latest technology and techniques with our savoir-faire to deliver the best results for our customers.

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  • Top Cool Fun Games form U.S.A.

    Top Cool Fun Games is an independent gaming studio focusing on building games for IOS and Android Mobile devices.

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  • Florian Egert form Germany


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  • Cats Team form U.S.A.

    We are a game studio based in Boston and Sao Paulo. Our games are friendly and extremely difficult.

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  • Dravite Ltd. form India

    Dravite Studio are looking to create super casual and fun games. We take unique approuch on each of our projects and look to create the wow factor.

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  • Dragon Smile form Canada

    Development iOS, Android Games;

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  • Grand Games form Bulgaria

    Do you love card games? Want to play the best of all card games - Solitaire games or Classic Hearts Games? Start playing this amazing card game of Hearts Online where you can play online multiplayer card game leagues with other players online. Hearts Online: Multiplayer Solitaire Card Games is one of the best online multiplayer card games with 7 different game leagues and leaderboards features. You can play and compete with other players online on this Hearts game. If you like playing solitaire games or classic hearts games, you will love playing the Hearts Online game. Enjoy this hearts game with live players worldwide. You can play the game with coins and the game also has different ways to earn coins.

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  • Spaghetti Interactive form Italy

    A family of games Social, Multiplayer and Multi Platform! The goal we set ourselves is to allow anyone to play together with friends with whom he shares the same passion for games, regardless of the phone or computer in use. Freshly made apps, built with passion! All of our card's games are usable as you prefer! • Portrait mode for those who usually play with the touch of a finger. • Landscape mode for those who want to experience a desktop experience. www.giochipiu.it www.scopapiu.it www.briscolapiu.it www.damapiu.it www.tressettepiu.it www.scoponepiu.it www.scacchipiu.it

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  • Fun Frenzy Trivia
  • Easy Translation
  • UniverseV: Star Domination
  • NE-Lite