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Game Design

  • SumoFox Inc. form Canada

    Making games and apps we actually love to play and use. Philosophy that sits somewhere in the middle of Sun Tzu and Quentin Tarantino..with a touch of Stan Lee.

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  • appsadazy form U.S.A.

    I am an indie mobile app developer.

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  • Polyworks Games LLC form U.S.A.

    Games. Mobile Games. Desktop Games. HTML5 Games. Console and VR. Games to make you think. Explore. Search. Discover. Solve Mysteries. Solve Puzzles. Experience other worlds. Defend other worlds. Make friends. Defeat enemies. Laugh. Cry. Feel. Think. Triumph. Win.

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  • Act1Corporation form Japan

    I'm an independent game developer.

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  • Fun Frenzy Trivia
  • Easy Translation
  • UniverseV: Star Domination
  • NE-Lite