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Why does my business need an app?

You may have asked this question more than once, and nobody doubts that having a web page is essential, but we are in a time of change, in which users have decided to integrate much of their technology in smartphones and tablets. Nowadays most of the information searches are made through mobile devices, in Spain we have the highest penetration rate of smartphones in Europe; 90% of Spaniards have a smart phone and connects every day through these devices, and more than half of these for more than 30 minutes a day.

Once all these data are known, we are going to ask ourselves if it really is worth having an app for your business, for this we are going to ask a series of questions:

Do I want to increase my sales, know the opinion of my clients or attract new clients?

There is a fundamental principle, which is to create an irreplaceable mobile application that satisfies a need that we did not have previously covered. Providing your customers with an effective solution and available 24/7 in your pocket, is a differential added value. Once the need for our mobile application has been demonstrated, we can focus it to grow our sales and attract new customers thanks to this new communication channel.

The closeness with your customers that can be achieved thanks to an app, is almost impossible to achieve by other means, your client takes you in your pocket as proof that you have adopted your brand as one of your favorite brands.


Do I want to keep my clients loyal?

An app increases the loyalty of your customers, as well as provides you with segmented and highly valuable information with which to improve continuously thanks to the feedback obtained from your customers. In turn it allows you to create a program or loyalty card by digital points, increasing loyalty to your brand.


Do I want to boost my electronic commerce?

The Mobile Commerce is winning many integers, it is not enough to have a web responsive design, and thanks to an iPhone app developers we can take our clients from a promotion to our online store directly or make the purchase directly through the app, getting a higher conversion rate.


Do you want to reach segments of a younger audience?

An app is an ideal tool to reach your audience "Millennial", the creation of a new communication and sales channel can help you gain the confidence of this coveted and complicated customer segment. These millennials , in a few years, will be a mature public but with very marked preferences, get ahead and get their confidence from now (in Spain, the millennials are about 8 million people).

Next we leave you an infographic with some key aspects for the development of your mobile application.

About The Author

Susan is a content writing leader and under her supervision, the content is executed and she always tries to give some unique ideas to the writer which are the trend of the iPhone market and she tries to study the market according to the user need.

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