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What is the difference between Front-End, Back-End and Full Stack developers?

What kind of developers do you need full cycle, frontend or backend? Find the answers at front end development company.

FThese specialists are common terms that often appear in job descriptions at software development companies. We note that all developers are responsible for applications that are loaded from the server and installed on phone's devices or run online in a browser.

developers full cycle, frontend or backend

The developer's specialization is divided into Front-, Back End and Full Stack. Each of them has its own differences. They have different skills and roles in code generation. URL, clean layout, responsive pages, impressive graphics. This is not the whole list of developer tasks.

Based on statistical reports, there are already over two bln sites. This means that a qualified development is in great demand today. Their ability to program, build, learn sites will help keep the company competitive, relevant.

Which direction is best for your business?

If you are beginning your career as a businessman, or have already taken place in this role, but want to hire a development team, then Halo-Lab is in a hurry to help you with this.

What doing Front-End developer?

This development team takes care of the site's page, where users move to further sections of it. Such a page is called a "client" page. Specialists are responsible for the site's design and code, which should be consumer-centric. They are engaged in fonts, colors. Lists, drop-down menus are their specialties.

This developers design the interface for your applications. They give guarantees for the presence of original great content, since they use 100% of creative potential. Specialists closely interact with consumers, since it is the latter who set the style of sites together with employees responsible for the logo, graphics, text. Front-End specialists collect it all, translate it into code and improve user experience.

What doing Front-End developer

Who is a Back-End developer?

This team mines, builds and codes on the server. The back page is database, server and application based. The specialists work closely with the front-end specialists to ensure that their code is responsive and does not go beyond the application's design.

Their responsibilities include supporting technology that is not created on the server and database. They inform the owner about the effectiveness of the site and its needs and create the best technology architecture solution.

Back-End specialists are responsible for the creation and maintenance of sites, monitor performance, functionality and position in the search. De facto, this makes them the founders of the web. Without their activity, neither the page on the Internet, will satisfy the interests and needs of people.

What doing Full-Stack Developer?

They combine experience with front- and back-end. They have knowledges and experience in application development, client hosting, server, modeling and structuring, interact with visitors.

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