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8 reasons for choosing React Native for app development

The modern age of technology has made one thing clear; everything is going to be fast! Be it games, screen refresh, or the users’ browning experience. Everything has to be quick, or else users will find an alternate provider for meeting their needs!

In such a “blink and you miss” world, businesses are vying for attracting maximum customer attention by developing a seamless mobile app experience. For doing so, businesses take the help of various mobile app development frameworks, React Native is one of them.

What is React Native?

React native is popular in the app development space. It has garnered its reputation with the growing number of popular mobile apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Uber, Discord, SoundCloud, etc. being partially or entirely rewritten in that language.

Let’s take a look at the way React Native is used for developing apps.

React.js library is a core ingredient of the React Native framework for building mobile applications. The most distinguishable feature between React and React Native is that the latter uses the native components instead of the web components for developing a truly native mobile application.

Why is React Native so popular?

Well, you know it enables developers to use a single JavaScript codebase for two different platforms! This makes it easier for the developers to maintain the app by having one development process for both the platforms and reuse the same code. This also means that the resources requirement goes down as there is no need for separate iOS and Android app development teams.

Why must businesses choose React Native for mobile app development?

Today in this article, we will show you 8 reasons why businesses must choose React Native to meet their mobile app development requirements.

#1. Cost-saving approach

Starting a new business is a bold step; running it with limited funding is a whole different deal. The initial years are critical, and money is a critical factor. Every entrepreneur wants a substantial return on their investments and wants to survive in the market for as long as possible. To do so, it is essential to have technology on your side.

Especially in this tech-savvy era of business, getting your apps developed in React Native will help save time and money, as mentioned before; it is a single codebase for two different platforms.

#2. Cross-platform mobile app development

Yes, it enables you to take a cross-platform mobile app development approach for Android and iOS applications. Which means you get similar performance outcomes without additional efforts. You need to know what type of application you want to be developed for your organization. You don't have a team that is well-versed with various coding languages like JAVA, Swift, C++.

#3. Multiple outcomes

React Native mobile app development model allows developers to carry out complex tasks using simple codes using UI libraries. The “live reload feature at the core of ReactJS enables developers to make real-time code changes and corrections while the app is loading.

#4. Smoother UI

Developers love the React Native mobile app framework because the UI can be made to look like JavaScript. It also enables them to develop an application with a smoother UI that is quick, responsive, and less complex.

#5. Straightforward app development

The foundation codebase is the same for iOS and Android, which makes recompiling the application less strenuous. Developers can create a module written in a comparable language and link it with the React Native architecture.

#6. Ease of transforming web pages into mobile apps

React native can be easily interfaced using a fragmented module and intuitive coding overlays. This makes the life of developers easier for understanding the sequence of codes. So even when attrition takes place, the new developers will get up-to-speed very quickly.

#7. Native-like feel

While developing hybrid mobile apps, developers can completely overlook the WebView system components because the basic building blocks are deep-rooted. The codes used for iOS and Android apps are efficient and react much faster to various conjunctions.

React Native apps get developed with graphics processing units making it easier to mount the user interface. Compared to other cross-platform app development frameworks, React Native allows quicker app development and increases the agility of the apps.

#8. Futuristic applications

The technology is future-proof and will take sometime before they become obsolete. The reason being they are highly adaptive for the present and future app development purposes.

The development framework is deemed user-friendly by developers. After Facebook launched React Native, it has become a much-loved app development tool.

A single code is enough for removing the bugs and developing the app. Simple to operate and the massively popular, this development tool is becoming bankable for many businesses.

Conclusion: Choose React Native for developing your mobile apps

If you are looking to develop a multi-dimensional mobile app, with user-friendliness and responsiveness as key components, then you need a digital partner who has developers well-versed in this technology. The React Native app library is vast and includes many apps that modern users love using.

While many business projects in the information and technology industry might suffer huge drawbacks when a developer switches jobs, with React Native, this issue gets resolved quickly. With an easy to understand manual, React Native helps businesses complete their app development projects within the schedule.

We hope that you get the answer to choosing React Native App Development for creating your mobile apps.

About The Author
Saptarshi Das

A writer with an uncommon funny bone and a knack for perfection. Saptarshi is associated with Rapidops, Inc, writing about how modern technology helps businesses, for a long time now! He is a content writer and a geek in the digital marketing sense of it, who likes to spend most of his time researching ways technology is influencing your daily life (positively).

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