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What is a Games Tester?

A game tester is a specialist whose duties include checking video games for errors. To do this, he should go through these games himself more than once in order to understand where there are shortcomings and problems, and then correct them. It is the tester who brings the product to its final completion and polishes it, giving it the desired “shape”. Without this stage, the game cannot be launched into use.

Most often, testers work in companies that create video games or applications for mobile phones. Often, they work shoulder to shoulder with programmers. This improves the quality of work and makes it faster.

Also, these specialists are called beta testers or simply game testers.

This is an exciting job for anyone who loves video games. The tester will have to go through all the levels of the game several times, press all possible buttons and use all available functions in order to identify flaws in the game, if any. Statistics show that each game has issues that are fixed at this stage of the game's development.

The main task of the tester is hacking the game. Only after such a check the product can be considered of high quality and ready for use.

To get a quality game, you need to use a huge number of highly specialized specialists, including hire an Illustrator and a tester.

Requirements for testers

To join the gaming industry, a specialist must have special skills and knowledge. The main skill is the ability to play video games of different directions and genres. This is important so that you can figure out the most secret and complex bugs, quickly understand new features, and also figure out the causes of the bug.

Other important skills and knowledge of a game tester include:

  • the ability to describe the problems found, so the specialist should express himself clearly, and write concisely, but meaningfully;
  • knowledge of Java and Python programming languages, which play an important role in application development;
  • knowing databases is also important. This is especially true for Oracle and MySql;
  • it is important to be able to think critically;
  • requires attention to detail and the ability to do the same job several times;
  • analytical skills will help to realistically assess the situation, go through the weaknesses of the game, quickly calculate errors;
  • communication skills and ability to work in a team;
  • ability to meet deadlines.

The tester has to write a report on his work. It should be written in a simple language that the team can understand so that they can use it to fix problems they have found.

Benefits of being a tester

Like any other profession, the job of a game tester has strengths and weaknesses. Let's look at the advantages of this activity:

  • the ability to work in a team or remotely is an important advantage during a pandemic, when it is safely and calmly to stay at home. In addition, today you can solve most of the working moments online;
  • you can play different video games as the very first, while they have not yet entered the market - this is a plus, since the tester likes to play and go through a new, especially difficult game - this is a real gift for him. Also, getting money for it is a double luck;
  • the opportunity to become part of the IT industry - many developers strive to reach a high level in their profession in order to take a position in a prestigious company and provide themselves financially. A tester with experience is highly valued in the job market.

In addition, the game industry is still developing, which means that there is an active search for young talents and geniuses. So, the profession of a game tester is in demand in our time.

Cons of the profession

If we talk about the shortcomings of the specialty, then it is worth noting the monotony of work. You will need to pass the game more than once, which would only be a joy, but dozens of times. In addition, the employee will not be able to choose the game himself, but will have to work with products that he does not like. And here you need patience to complete the task efficiently.

Only a qualified specialist will be able to perform game QA testing at the highest level, identify all the weaknesses of the game product and ensure the success of the developer company.

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