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Useful Hacks To Make Your Mobile Gaming Experience More Pleasurable

Mobile gaming began as a very simplistic arcade-style experience yet as phone technology has improved, so too has the quality of game which is available to players. In the current age the capability of our cellphones in many cases is equal to that of recently released consoles, and that has come along with a huge array of incredible games. It is not just the gameplay which has improved, but also the high-powered graphics which phones can put out.

There are some challenges to mobile gaming however, and some snags which often frustrate the user. With this in mind, we are going to take a brief look into some hacks which you can employ when you are gaming on mobile, which will make that experience far more pleasurable. Let’s take a look at some tips which you can try.

Ensuring Fast Connection

Most mobile games these days work using connectivity in order to help you to play with gamers across the world. This of course means that you will need to ensure that you have a fast and secure internet connection which will help the game to run seamlessly. If you are gaming at home then you should rely on a high-powered internet connection. To secure the best, visit NodeOne for NBN packages which will ensure that you have fast, fiber optic broadband that will bring the best out of your gaming.

Disable Ads

Ads are necessary for the gaming companies to be able to afford to make their games free on the application store, but they can be annoying when you are gaming. If the game which you are playing does not require an internet connection, disabling the data and WiFi on your phone can help to avoid ads. Switching to airplane mode whilst you are gaming will stop the ads from popping up on your screen, allowing you to game in peace and without annoying ad pop-ups.

Upgrade Your Protection

Adding a screen protector is a very smart idea and it will ensure that your phone’s screen remains intact during your ownership of it. With this being said however, there are many protectors which lack the sensitivity which your original phone screen has. If you are committed to mobile gaming then a great tip here it to use one of the newer, thinner screen protectors which offer perfect touch sensitivity. Even the slightest delay in touch could cause you to lose the game, so this is well worth your investment.

Stay on Top of Updates

Allowing your phone to automatically update apps may seem to be a good idea, but it can drain your data and your battery over time, so most will disable this. Whilst this is a smart plan, it is critical that you keep going back and checking to see if your games have an update ready. Not only do updates ensure that glitches get fixed, they also bring new features to the game which are going to greatly enhance your experience. If you are suffering from lag or connection problems, it is likely that you are in need of an upgrade.

Using A Controller

Believe it or not, there is a range of products on the market which will give you the option of hooking your phone up to a controller for enhanced gameplay. Modern day controllers for the Xbox and the PlayStation are equipped with the capability to be plugged into your phone, all you will need is the device which bridges the gap. For serious gamers this is the ideal way for you to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Using Headphones

The sound capability which phones have these days is very good and the volume levels and clarity are significantly better than they ever have been. With this being said, if you really want to immerse yourself in the gaming experience it will be much better for you to plug in some headphones. Using headphones drowns out the rest of the world and allows you to focus on nothing more than the game. This will greatly increase your concentration levels and give you a far better experience overall.

Using a Big Screen

Just because it is called mobile gaming, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick to your phone. In fact, you can use the screen share feature to beam that game onto your smart TV, which will really help you to add a layer of intensity to what you are doing. As long as you have a solid internet connection, there should be no lag or loss of quality when you begin to play the game on the big screen.

These are some simple hacks which will really help you to take your gaming experience to another level entirely.

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