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Top Reasons Why Startups Should Choose React Native App Development

React Native is an open-source framework introduced by Facebook in 2015 and is recognized for incorporating web development features into mobile app development. React Native is a thriving JavaScript-based dynamic application framework that lets you develop cross-platform iOS and Android mobile apps.

Using a single codebase, React Native development allows you to create apps for many platforms. The guideline for creating a React Native application is to “learn once and write everywhere.”

Respond Native is the most popular framework among developers right now. The Javascript-based React Native application development services allow for creating a wide range of apps. It allows developers to create cross-platform apps without reducing the app’s quality. React Native allows faster and easier application development with an intuitive user interface.

React Native is a choice for various companies, from software behemoths like Facebook to startups and small businesses, thanks to features like Hot Reload, code reusability, and external module coordination efficiency.

This post will explain why React Native is the best solution for developing mobile apps for startups. We’ll look at how the framework cuts down app development time, giving startups a competitive edge.

Why is React Native Growing?

React Native is an excellent framework for any customer-facing applications that don’t rely primarily on OS-specific functionality and interfaces, such as AR and VR, or that don’t require complex layout or graphics to stand out. React Native makes them easy to develop and, for now, provides enough functionality and components to build a successful project.

React Native is growing as a cost-effective way to create cross-platform mobile applications. Most React Native applications take half as long as other mobile development frameworks. It is valid for several other cross-platform app development frameworks, but React Native is now at the top of the list.

React Native saves money and time, and most importantly, developers like working with the technology. With React Native, some incredible tools and packages allow for high-quality development.

Every startup should prioritize rapid iterations, fast scaling, and meeting deadlines. All three are essential to respond to changing market trends and gain a competitive edge. React Native developers can make it work since they need to change their apps rapidly. Furthermore, many startups prefer React Native to alternative frameworks like Flutter or Xamarin since it makes more sense.

Why is React Native app development the perfect choice for startups?

Any startup has a daunting task in selecting the appropriate technology. There are several things they should think about it. A technological stack must meet the needs of any startup, from cost to performance. 

Many React Native apps demonstrate how the cross-platform framework is suitable for businesses seeking efficiencies of scale and competitive advantage. The following reasons why React Native is a good choice for mobile app development. Take a look at all this:

  • When flexibility is of prime importance in startups.

Apps built with React Native may be used and maintained on various platforms, making it an extremely versatile framework. In addition, if one developer is working on a code, the other may jump in at any moment and take up where another left off without causing any uncertainty.

Developers may readily create test use-cases. This ‘flexibility’ feature allows react developers to quickly update and improve the mobile app.

  • Startups’ budgets are strictly limited.

 Building a flexible cross-platform application is more intelligent than developing apps for iOS and Android separately.

According to research, finance is among the most expensive expenditures for a startup, with a typical business of five employees spending roughly $305,000 on salary.

Instead of hiring two different designers, if you use React Native, you need to pay for a single programmer who will help you launch your app for Android and iOS. The money saved would be better used in other areas, such as marketing and sales.

  • Reusable Code

Cross-platform app development is based on the premise that it is helpful for the same code for both ios and Android platforms. React Native follows the same idea, built on “write once, publish everywhere.”

It will benefit developers, and they won’t develop for each platform separately. 90% of the code between both platforms may be reused, considerably increasing development efficiency and speed. As a result, your time to market will be shortened, and you’ll require less maintenance.

  • Great Performance

React Native’s “bridge” method is radical compared to previous cross-platform development alternatives. The platform’s efficacy is built on native modules and rules that boost performance. 

It operates by interacting with native Ios and android components and automatically creating native API codes. The framework’s usage of a separate thread, separate from the native APIs and UIs, boosts and improves performance.

  • When the company needs to scale the project fast.

One of the most compelling reasons to select React Native is its speedier development process in this competitive industry. It used to take a lot longer when using native programming languages. Due to its “live reloading” functionality, development teams may now save time on code compilation.

Changes to the code become noticeable in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the codebases for iOS and Android are identical, and integrating them with many reusable tools and components reduces development time.

  • Cross-platform Compatibility

React Native was initially exclusively available for iOS, but Facebook decided to make it accessible for Android due to its remarkable capabilities. Most of the APIs are cross-platform, enabling developers to create apps for both Ios and Android using React Native.

Many APIs are cross-platform; thus, React Native programmers don’t have to make significant coding changes each time they use them.

How much does it cost to build a React Native app?

If you’re a startup or a business owner on a tight budget but still want your app to operate on several platforms, React Native is among the most cost-effective frameworks.

However, like with other app development cost estimates, determining the actual cost to build React Native App development is complex. The app development cost relies on the app’s functionality and the needs of the business.

Even yet, hourly rates for React Native App development in India often range from $15 to $25+ per hour. However, the developer’s hourly rate varies depending on their talents, experience, and region.

Regarding cost-effective React Native solutions, India provides the best and most economical services. However, it does not imply that you must sacrifice quality due to many experienced developers. It is possible to hire an app developer at a reasonable price, allowing you to build an app at a low cost.


If you’re an operator with a limited budget who wants to start developing a mobile app, React Native may be the best option. React Native app development company can promise you anything. It allows you to lower the app development time and cost, from rapid development to hassle-free app maintenance and effortless transfer of mobile apps from any platform to robust community support.

Every day, the need for React Native development services grows. It gives startups a competitive advantage since they can develop apps for a fraction of the cost and time to build separate native apps. 

React Native is ideal for startups looking to create a high-quality app while sharing the same codebase across Android and ios. React Native appears to be an excellent framework for businesses looking for cost-effective solutions to develop a cross-platform application for a broad economy segment, with all of these benefits of React Native app development.

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