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Technology trends in 2022 that will change our lives

Thanks to digital transformation, the development of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and high-tech solutions, trading companies have overcome changes that were not there before. Today we are at the beginning of a technological wave that can bring both positive and negative changes. Devox software plays a special role in this process.

Software Development

Now it is impossible to stop the growing number of search queries, the development of mobile applications, automated systems, blockchain and the introduction of cryptocurrency. The latter is actively blocked by a number of countries in various regions of the world: the CIS, Asia, and the USA. Ultimately, both users and creators will choose the most technologically advanced solutions in the field of finance, service, medicine and business. 2022 can become a year of decentralization and freedom of choice, where each consumer will be able to choose technological services based on individual preferences.

The beginning and formation of the "Metaverse"

The main trend that today excites the minds of users from all over the world is the “metaverse”. According to Mark Zuckenberg, the world will not be able to fully enjoy the benefits of the "Metaverse" until five years later. During this time, the digital world will completely subjugate real matter and allow diversification of material wealth.

Proponents of the theory of globalism assign to these events no less importance than the appearance of the Internet in 1995 to a wide audience. This will completely change the world order, the rules of socialization, life, development, and those institutions that cannot adapt to new conditions will simply cease to exist. The driving locomotive of new technologies will be the gaming industry and entertainment, which today have fundamentally influenced the minds of the younger generation of people.


Objectively, entertainment is just a push to start the journey. In the future, as new values ​​are updated, many users will lose their savings, benefits, rights, and most importantly, their identity. Today it is no secret that the very same Facebook and Instagram only contribute to the segregation of society, dividing the world into groups according to social interests and preferences.

By the end of 2022, we will witness a new quality of Internet devices, headsets and equipment that will usher in a new era of the "Metaverse". You can find more information here: https://devoxsoftware.com/blog/software-development-lifecycle/.

Artificial Intelligence

From simple models with the function of voice prompts to full-fledged machines with the right to make independent decisions, it will not take much time. Today we can already observe the accelerated development of unmanned vehicles in developed countries. In fact, the future has already arrived. The rapid development of artificial intelligence technologies will reshape the entire business environment, logistics, consulting, medicine and industry.

In pursuit of competitiveness, corporations will not stop at any moral prohibitions and prerequisites for possible conflicts between humans and artificial intelligence. The owners of the largest digital assets will soon begin to build up the limitless potential of robotic assistants in all spheres of human life without exception: from consumer credit approval to psychologist services.

Just as the first internal combustion-engine cars replaced horse-drawn cabs, artificial intelligence will fill empty vacancies. As a result, automation and robotization are increasingly touching our daily lives.

Increasingly, companies and users will turn to AI to help them do their job better and get more profit. In turn, attackers will also take advantage of AI in order to profit. Both of them will eventually use advanced technology, which will lead to a global battle between lawmen and pirates.

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