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Role of Mobile Applications in Transforming the FMCG Market

People these days are becoming quite comfortable with technology contrary to the previous times. With the introduction of smartphones now it has really become easier for any regular person to gain an access to the most updated technology and lead a comfortable lifestyle. Not just adults and teenagers but toddlers and senior citizens too find it easier to play around with smartphones.

Hence, it would not be wrong to say that the mobile apps are the lifeline of smartphones .  As per the statistics, there are around 2.2 and 2.8 million apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can download and install these apps for different purposes like booking a doctor appointment, table reservation at a restaurant of your choice, ordering of food and grocery, online shopping, gaming, etc. The extensive use of smartphones and mobile apps is one of the most important reasons leading to the growth of fast moving consumer goods market.

Impact of Mobile Apps on the FMCG market

Fast moving consumer goods refers to the category of products that have a great demand and are extremely affordable as compared to the other category of products. The online shopping of fast moving consumer goods have become a trend now and lately, the FMCG industry has been rapidly reforming owing to the introduction and infusion of updated technology.

Even though Fast moving consumer goods have a huge demand yet these goods are extremely perishable in nature. It becomes extremely challenging for the FMCG companies to speed up the process of refilling the stock and to ensure that the goods remain fresh for meeting the expectations of the customers in terms of product’s quality and availability.

Resorting to advanced technologies has lately helped the FMCG companies in staying competent and relevant in the industry. FMCG companies are introducing supermarket online shopping option for their targeted customers to shop whatever products they want through dedicated mobile apps without having the need to go anywhere or unnecessarily worry about products delivery. Now with the help of shopping via mobile apps, you can buy grocery online at best price.

Benefits of shopping from supermarket online:

  1. Saves time: Online shopping can save you a lot of time. You can simply shop products online via mobile apps without having the need to travel to the supermarket.
  2. Zero harassment: Offline shopping can be tiresome. You as a buyer will need to travel from one location to another or/and one store to another. If you are buying from a supermarket there are chances for you to get puzzled while looking for different products under the same roof.
  3. No need to wait in long queues for billing purpose: Standing in long queues for getting your products billed is one of the biggest drawbacks of offline shopping. Shopping online definitely doesn’t require you to stand in long queues as you can easily bill the products and check out from the app at your own ease and convenience.
  4. Buy grocery online at best price: Grocery is a necessity for every household. It is an everyday affair and as it is easily perishable, buyers end up purchasing these essential items quite frequently. Online shopping of groceries will help you in buying the same at best possible prices.
  5. Easy to compare: Online shopping gives you an access to various supermarket stores. You can easily compare the price, quality, quantity, and deals on similar products offered by different stores and accordingly make a well-informed decision.
  6. Learning product availability: You can even gain required information on the availability of the products in the store of your choice.
  7. Home delivery: One of the most attractive features of online grocery shopping is home delivery. You just have to make an order on the app and wait for the products to get delivered to you at the address you have provided on your mobile app.
  8. Deals and offers: Shopping grocery online can even entitle you to receive cashback offers, lucrative deals, and reward points too.
  9. Accepts all modes of payment: Online shopping leaves you with multiple payment options. You can choose to pay for the products via cash on delivery, UPI payments, Credit/debit card payments, etc.


The sudden rise in the use of smartphones and mobile apps has definitely enhanced the demand for online shopping. People now prefer shopping FMCG goods from the supermarket online. The influence of mobile apps has leveraged the global employment ratio as there is a constant need for manpower for taking care of home delivery, customer online support, product transportation, courier service, and backend store coordinators. FMCG market has become more profitable now owing to the introduction of technology and use of mobile apps for online shopping of FMCG goods. The sudden success of online supermarket in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan are fine examples of the positive influence of mobile apps on fast moving consumer goods market.

About The Author
Anshul Sharma

Anshul Sharma- CEO of Fluper, an android game app development company, is taking its company forth by his hard work. His vision towards the future is to deliver services that suit the needs of the users. He is always ready to learn about new changes in the game development industry and wants to make people aware of them. 

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