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How Mobile Apps Can Promote Your Business and Brand

With high speed internet becoming more readily available than ever before and tech giants like Facebook and Google using their billions to provide free internet access all around the world, nearly half the world's population is regularly using the internet.

King of the internet

For decades, desktops were the undisputed king of the internet. Everyone’s main way (and in many cases, the only way) to access the internet, was through their big and bulky desktop. Eventually, as laptops become lighter, faster and cheaper, they snatched the crown from desktops.

Not many experts were expecting another device to enter the frame let alone become the new undisputed king but, smartphones did just that back in 2015. As 4G and 4G-Advanced became readily available and smartphone screens grew much bigger in size, more and more people were using their smartphone to access the internet.

Today, nearly 60% of internet users are accessing the internet through their smartphones and it is expected that by 2025, smartphones’ share will grow to 72%, or 3.7 billion people. In short, smartphones are the new kings and forecasts show them getting stronger.

Twenty-first century businesses

Needless to say, if a business does not have some form of online presence in this age then, that business is as good as dead. And, what is even more needless to say is that in this era of smartphones, if a business isn’t prioritizing smartphone users, it can never achieve optimal results.

There are three ways through which a business can target smartphone users; social media marketing, creating a company website and creating a dedicated mobile app.

Websites and mobile apps

No doubt, social media marketing is the fastest growing form of marketing and also one of the most effective but, if a company is using social media to promote its services and does not have a great website or app, spending on marketing won’t do much.

It is through their website that a business turns an interested consumer into a customer. Mobile apps take things a step further, apps don’t only make it easier for customers to buy products but, through their many tricks and strategies, apps also help turn a one-time buyer into a lifelong customer.

This is exactly why all smart businesses provide their own mobile app these days. Many businesses are even providing special discounts to encourage PC users to download their mobile app.

The power of mobile applications

Back when the App Store became a reality, there were not even a thousand apps on it. Back then mobile app development was still in its infancy and because the world hadn’t realized the power of mobile apps yet, most apps were for recreational purposes.

Compare that to today, when there are more than 2 million apps available and most of them provide productivity and functionality uses. Thanks to the ecommerce apps of today, consumers no longer need to go out and spend their entire day finding the perfect item.

And, with occasional promos, discounts, exclusive content offers, bonuses and other gifts, businesses have found a great way to earn loyal customers and encourage overbuying. Last but not the least, as these online shopping apps attract more users, the brand reach and image will only  grow bigger and bigger.

Today, more and more businesses are choosing to make their own mobile app. The main reason behind this decision are the many benefits that a dedicated mobile app offers, here are some of the most significant ones;

Visibility multiplier

As aforementioned, nearly 60% of the world population is accessing the internet through their smartphones. Moreover, every day, an average person spends nearly 120 minutes on their phone. This is why; it makes sense to not just target smartphones users, but to make them your number one priority.

By making the option of online buying available on your app, you can enable your customers to buy your products without having take out from their busy schedule and go shopping. Whether a consumer is at the office or out for an evening walk, a mobile app will enable them to buy your products anytime and anywhere.

Apps provide a marketing edge

One of the greatest benefits of dedicated mobile apps is the user information that they collect. This collected information can help you better understand your customers, fix the issues they are facing and make it easier for them to buy your products.

For example, through data mining, you can find out which gender or age group is most attracted to your products. Then, you can use this info to increase your sales by targeting this group of people through your marketing.

Attract more buyers

In this era of startups, no matter what business you enter, there will already be a huge list of companies offering the same or similar products and services that you intend to. With such tough competition, it is important to do something in order to make your products and services stand out.

A dedicated mobile app can definitely help you out in this aspect. One of the ways an app can do this is by sending your customer an invitation to visit the store whenever they are near the store. You can also send your customers a thank you note on every purchase they make.

Increased customer engagement

An interested consumer is like rock on top of a hill, all it needs is a little nudge. A dedicated mobile app has a number of ways of providing this little nudge. One way apps do this is by keeping an eye on what kind of products the consumer has been searching for and then showing them these products.

Another great way that apps attract consumers is by providing random discounts, promos and bonuses. This way, a consumer who was not even thinking of buying will be forced to give serious thought to your products. And, if the offer or the product is good enough, you can rest assured that customer will not let this offer go to waste.

About The Author

Jahanzeb is a blogger at CyberVision International, one of the top IT companies in Pakistan. He loves to write about web and mobile development tips, ideas and trends.

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