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Live vicariously through Emily

Brought to you by GameHouse Original Stories, Delicious brings you a whole array of adventures with their central star, the spunky and ever-ready-for-anything Emily O’Malley, alongside her friends and family. Having rolled out this series starting from 2006, each Delicious game that has come out till now has something new to offer its players. These games always have something new to learn from, and never miss to hit the correct dose of fun. Fulfill all your unrequited dreams and explore more goals that you thought unimaginable with Delicious Emily by your side. Here are some of the very best of Delicious Emily that you will surely want to take a look at:

Delicious: The First

Nothing gives you a perfect preview than starting from the first game produced in this series. Known as ‘Delicious Deluxe,’ it follows Emily as she opens her first-ever restaurant, and what’s new about this game is that you can go on to open more prominent eateries during the game’s progress. This game was so popular that it spawned a Winter edition later in the year. Hasn’t everyone dreamt of opening their restaurant? This game surely quenches that thirst.

Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season

You should try this game if you feel the holiday season creeping in; you should also consider the love triangle thrown in if you like yourself a little bit of drama. Being the 5th season of Delicious Emily, this is the first version of the game that sets up our character with not one but two leading love interests. It also introduces the setting of Snuggford and many other new characters from Emily’s world. This time around, Emily has to take care of Snuggford Hotel. There are many new additions, such as a mini-game and Snuggford Winter Fair which you sure would like to enjoy.

Delicious- Taste of Fame

Everyone loves to have that time in the limelight, and the fourth edition of Delicious Emily makes that fantasy come true. In this game, Emily has the chance to have her hotshot cooking show and needs your help to get her to that success. At the same time, she is bringing back many of the favorite recurring characters from the previous editions while introducing new characters, such as TV reporter Ludwig Green and Co-host Ted Dorton. If you have any dreams of being the next Martha Stewart, we can help you.

Delicious- Emily’s Childhood Memories

If you are one of the many who had quickly fallen in love with Emily and the Napoli family and just can’t wait to get more of them, you should go on and play Delicious Emily’s Childhood Memories. The story goes that Edward and Evelyn Napoli decide to sell Emily’s childhood home, so she decides to come back home one last time to say goodbye to her home. Emily reminisces about her memories in the old house, her time in school, and so much more that you would love to be a part of.

Delicious- Emily’s True Love

Love has always been in the air for our heroine, but she finally may have found the one this time. The premise begins a year after Emily’s restaurant opens when a mysterious love letter arrives. She finds out this letter is from Jean-Paul, her long-lost love of 16 years from Paris. To top that, Emily’s sister, Angela, announces she’s getting married. While preparing for the upcoming wedding, can Emily keep up her pursuit of true love? Find out in this game.

Delicious- Emily’s Home Sweet Home

Emily has begun a new chapter, and buying a house is just the beginning. Emily’s daughter Paige is a bubbly little girl, and the O’Malley family is moving to a new place. But getting their house done isn’t the only problem they are facing now because the friendly neighborhood they were looking for is turning out to be not that friendly anymore. This game has many new features, new sites, and many more new characters in this game. This marks Emily’s transition into having the perfect life in the suburbs. You get to build the ideal home for Emily.

Delicious- Emily’s Miracle of Life

The next installment in the Delicious series takes a heartwarming turn as Emily embarks on the journey of motherhood. Titled "Emily’s Miracle of Life," this game delves into the challenges and joys of pregnancy and parenthood. Players get to witness Emily's pregnancy, the anticipation of becoming a parent, and the chaos that ensues when the baby arrives. As Emily and Patrick navigate through the ups and downs of parenthood, players can empathize with the real-life struggles and triumphs that come with raising a child. The game beautifully captures the essence of family life, adding a new layer of emotional depth to the Delicious series.

Delicious- Emily’s Message in a Bottle

The culinary adventures continue with Emily's latest escapade, "Emily’s Message in a Bottle." In this installment, Emily and Patrick set sail on a romantic cruise, leaving their bustling restaurant life behind temporarily. However, their vacation takes an unexpected turn when they discover a mysterious message in a bottle. The message leads them to a hidden island, and players join Emily in unraveling the secrets of this enigmatic place. With new recipes to master, challenges to overcome, and a captivating storyline, "Message in a Bottle" adds a refreshing twist to the Delicious series, showcasing Emily's unwavering spirit and determination.

Delicious- Emily’s Road Trip

Pack your bags and hit the road with Emily in "Emily’s Road Trip." This time, Emily and her family embark on a cross-country adventure, exploring different cities and meeting new friends along the way. As they traverse the highways and byways, players assist Emily in managing various eateries and food trucks. The game introduces a dynamic gameplay element, allowing players to customize their food trucks and restaurants to cater to the unique tastes of each location. "Emily’s Road Trip" not only offers a visually stunning journey across picturesque landscapes but also presents a diverse culinary experience that reflects the regional flavors of each destination.

Delicious- Emily’s Hopes and Fears

The stakes are higher than ever in "Emily’s Hopes and Fears" as Emily faces unexpected challenges that threaten her family and community. A mysterious epidemic hits Snuggford, affecting both humans and animals. Emily, a pillar of strength in her community, steps up to help those in need. This installment combines the signature time-management gameplay with a compelling narrative, as players witness Emily's resilience and determination in the face of adversity. With new characters, emotional twists, and a gripping storyline, "Hopes and Fears" explores themes of community, compassion, and the indomitable human spirit.

Delicious- Emily’s New Beginning

Change is on the horizon in "Emily’s New Beginning." Emily and Patrick are on the brink of expanding their family once again, as Emily is expecting another child. Players navigate through the challenges of managing both a bustling restaurant and a growing family. The game introduces a daycare feature, allowing players to juggle between attending to customers and taking care of Emily's children. "New Beginning" highlights the balancing act that many working mothers face, making it a relatable and engaging addition to the Delicious series. With new recipes, adorable baby moments, and heartwarming family dynamics, this installment resonates with players on a personal level.

Delicious- Emily’s Cook & Go

In "Emily’s Cook & Go," the culinary maestro takes her expertise on the road in a food truck adventure. Emily embraces the mobile kitchen trend, serving delectable dishes to customers on the move. The game introduces a fast-paced gameplay style, challenging players to keep up with the demands of a mobile food business. From bustling city streets to scenic countryside, players travel to different locations, experiencing the thrill of a food truck entrepreneur's life. "Cook & Go" captures the essence of the food truck phenomenon, offering a unique and exciting twist to the Delicious series.

Delicious- Emily’s Moms vs Dads

The eternal debate between moms and dads takes center stage in this installment of the Delicious series. In "Emily’s Moms vs Dads," Emily and Patrick find themselves in a friendly competition to prove who can handle parenting duties better. Players choose to play as either Emily or Patrick, experiencing the challenges and joys of parenthood from both perspectives. The game introduces new characters, including friends and neighbors who become embroiled in the playful rivalry. With humorous moments, parenting mishaps, and heartwarming family dynamics, "Moms vs Dads" adds a lighthearted touch to the Delicious series while exploring the age-old question of who makes the better parent.

Delicious- Emily’s Family and Friends

In this special edition of the Delicious series, "Emily’s Family and Friends" brings together all the beloved characters from previous games for a grand reunion. Emily, Patrick, and their extended family and friends gather for a special occasion, and players are invited to join the festivities. The game features a compilation of fan-favorite levels, memorable moments, and bonus challenges, offering a nostalgic trip down memory lane for long-time fans of the series. "Family and Friends" celebrates the enduring friendships and relationships that have defined the Delicious series, making it a heartwarming tribute to the journey players have experienced alongside Emily and her loved ones.

Delicious- Emily’s Wedding

Love is in the air once again as Emily prepares for her own wedding in "Emily’s Wedding." This installment takes players on a romantic journey as they assist Emily in planning her dream wedding. From choosing the perfect dress to coordinating the decorations and managing the catering, players take on the role of the ultimate wedding planner. The game introduces new challenges and surprises, reflecting the highs and lows that come with organizing a wedding. With the support of friends and family, Emily navigates through the joyous chaos of wedding preparations, creating a truly magical and memorable celebration.

Delicious- Emily’s Festival of Lights

Step into the enchanting world of "Emily’s Festival of Lights," where the O’Malley family celebrates a festive season filled with joy, traditions, and, of course, delicious food. The game explores cultural festivities, incorporating themes from various holiday celebrations around the world. Players join Emily in creating festive dishes, decorating the restaurant with dazzling lights, and spreading the holiday spirit. "Festival of Lights" not only delivers festive gameplay but also emphasizes the importance of togetherness during special occasions. With heartwarming moments and festive cheer, this installment adds a touch of holiday magic to the Delicious series.

Delicious- Emily’s Dream Job

"Emily’s Dream Job" takes a different turn as Emily explores new career opportunities beyond the culinary world. In this game, players witness Emily pursuing her passion for interior design. Join Emily as she opens her own home décor business, showcasing her creativity in transforming spaces into cozy and stylish havens. The game introduces design challenges, where players choose furniture, colors, and layouts to satisfy the preferences of virtual clients. "Dream Job" not only broadens the scope of Emily's endeavors but also provides players with a fresh and exciting gameplay experience centered around design and aesthetics.

Delicious- Emily’s Timeless Tales

"Emily’s Timeless Tales" pays homage to the rich history of the Delicious series, presenting a collection of timeless stories and levels inspired by fan-favorite moments. Players revisit iconic locations, relive memorable events, and uncover untold stories from Emily's past. The game weaves together nostalgia and new experiences, offering a unique blend of classic and contemporary gameplay. "Timeless Tales" serves as a tribute to the dedicated fan base that has followed Emily's journey throughout the years, creating a sense of nostalgia while introducing fresh elements to keep players engaged.

Delicious- Emily’s Grand Finale

In the much-anticipated "Emily’s Grand Finale," players witness the culmination of Emily's incredible journey. This installment brings closure to the series, tying up loose ends and providing a satisfying conclusion to Emily's story. As Emily reflects on her adventures, players are taken through a series of final challenges, celebrations, and poignant moments. "Grand Finale" not only delivers the signature time-management gameplay but also offers an emotional farewell to the beloved characters that have become a part of players' lives. With a mix of nostalgia and a sense of accomplishment, this grand finale serves as a fitting end to the Delicious series.

So the next time you ever think of Delicious Emily, you better play these editions of the game. Check out this post via TechyHost, which includes all delicious Emily games in order and a description of each gameplay so you can pick your favorite!

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