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How To Develop An Android Gaming App That Turns Into Instant Success?

Playing a game is defined as an activity that you engage in for amusement. It is said to increase brain function, cognitive skills, and fun. With the advancement in technology, the gaming experience is thrilling as it now involves more visual stimulus, creativity, and satisfaction.

The technology has changed the way people game from the first board game to virtual gaming, facial gesture, and control technology. The app development area is vast consists of many industries working in Lifestyle, Healthcare, and more. Gaming is on the top if compared to any other industry. The Android game app development company is now rising high these days with new and interactive games introduction. 

Downloading and playing games on your smartphone device isn’t a tough task. You take your phone, download, start playing, and repeat it. People nowadays need to switch on that big sized PC of yours to play games. The games now developed by keeping in mind the mobile-oriented devices that run smoothly and swiftly. Though the games are preparing for both the iOS and Android platform, yet the Android market owns the maximum amounts of users as there exists thousands of gaming app for android phone. 

The gaming industry boomed after the release of some wackiest games in 2016. A year later, in 2017, the total gaming market for the sector released to $57 billion. It is a fact that the total revenue of $105 billion will be reached by 2021.

Let’s get to know about how to develop gaming apps for Android? 

Game idea

An idea is the first thing to strike a mind when a game is talked about. The plan depends on the following list of questions:

  • Who is our player?
  • What player’s needs does the game solve? 
  • What is valuable in the game?
  • Is the game fun?

Develop the concept

The concept of the game defines the brief document containing a quick game overview and an essential representation of the base foundation of every game. 

Game mechanics

It is the ruleset of the game that describes the step that a player needs to achieve the goals of the particular game.


It encompasses two essential parts: the story and aesthetics. The story majorly describes the game world i.e., the events that have occurred and will be happening in the gameplay. The aesthetics focus on the look and feel of the game. Both aspects work simultaneously to deliver the best user experience.


Does the technology face give answers to questions like what are the target devices? What kind of middleware are we going to create the game? More importantly, it tells about the best programming language to develop a perfect gaming app for android phones.


It clears out the advantages of the device and chosen input methods. It tells how do we utilize screen space and how users will interact with the game.

1. Create a Game Design Document

It is a descriptive and detailed document of the design for the game. The material is prone to feedback, and every time the required changes, so do the GDD.GDD includes the underlying details of the realization and is collaboratively done by both the designers and the developers. The GDD describes the players, missions, health, who the player is, his hobbies, and everything about the game.

2. Create prototypes

While most of the mechanics are tested during the POC phase, it’s crucial to curate a playable prototype for testing your idea and hard work for the target platform. Most of the issues solved this early in the development.

Get your free prototypes developed with the help of Fluper APP. The Fluper App is your solution for every app development requirement. Developed by the organization Fluper LTD, the app engages you in vibrant colors and immense services.

3. Design architecture

The ever-changing nature of game development requires flexible architectural solutions based on the modular approach. The game functions and scenarios evolve during the development stage.

4. Development

After the architecture already designed and prototypes created, the team does not find any problems when the actual development begins. It is healthy for anyone to create a minimum viable product to keep the team motivated and involvement of QA in the whole process.

5. Test the game

As soon as the first play versions are available, QA’s and beta testers should join the team. The testing is a crucial step as it tells you about the bugs in real-time. You get to know about how much percentage of your idea has turned to the game.

6. Support the game

A release is just the start of the hefty competition on the long road. The game updates are essential if you’re seeking the users to love your game. The requirement states that the update should be delivered every two-five weeks while adding more content to the game.


Knowing and completing all the phases of the game development process helps you create the best gaming apps for the android phone. You can also hire an android game app development company, but remember to make the app fast enough to load all content in a short time.

About The Author
Anshul Sharma

Anshul Sharma- CEO of Fluper, an android game app development company, is taking its company forth by his hard work. His vision towards the future is to deliver services that suit the needs of the users. He is always ready to learn about new changes in the game development industry and wants to make people aware of them. 

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