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How to Best Manage Your Wix Website With the Wix Mobile App

Web development, these days, seems to be getting better and better thanks to online website builders. Unlike in the past when one had to code every single item to the last "full-stop" in a web page, today things have gotten more comfortable and convenient for new site owners. That's because anyone can build their website from scratch without any programming skills in just a matter of hours thanks to cloud-based development platforms like Wix.

For a platform that's barely past a decade old, Wix has taken major strides towards making web development and management easy, convenient as well as offering webmasters and owners the flexibility they need. Creating stunning, fully personalized, and professional websites has never been this easy! But, that's not the best part! Did you know that you can manage your business website on your smartphone using the Wix app? Yes, they have an app, and it's awesome!

The Wix Mobile App

As if building an incredible cloud-based web development platform wasn't enough, Wix went ahead and created a mobile app to help you manage your business on the go. Sounds cool, right? Apart from the sleek User Interface, the app comes with loads of amazing features all tailored to make your website management processes run smoothly and swiftly. With Wix reviews, one can take a look at the app's features and how you can use them to best manage your Wix website.

x App Features

1. Boost Your Visitor Interaction
When it comes to owning a website, we can all agree that inbound traffic is often a huge contributor to the success of the site. The more the visitors, the more the leads! Well, the Wix App lets you interact with your site's visitors in real time. With it, you can start live chats, reply to client queries, view comprehensive client history and so on all from your smartphone.


2. Become a Mobile Blogger
How does blogging on the move sound? The Wix app offers you all the features you need to add photos, post blogs, and share the post on social media in just a click. This means that you can blog from anywhere and at any time with ease.


3. Manage Your Store
Another fantastic thing about the Wix app is the store management feature that allows you to run your online store from anywhere and at any time. The app allows you to add new products for sale, receive sale notifications, track orders and even track inventory to know how much product you have left.


4. Schedule Management
Having trouble managing your bookings? Well, worry no more because the Wix app has you covered on that end. With it, keeping track of your schedule and those of your employees is as easy as a.b.c.d! The app also allows you to create new appointments, add participants as well as notifying you whenever there's an event that requires your attention.


5. Track Your Invoices
The Wix app also allows you to manage your invoices through your smartphone while even notifying you when your site's clients make any payments.


6. Reservation Management
Managing reservations is now even better! The app has a feature that lets you view, add and edit bookings straight from your mobile phone.


7. Easy Photo Handling
Contrary to the usual website-PC photo upload, The Wix app has made it way easier for website owners to take and upload photos to their sites, blog or store using their phones.


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