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How Artificial Intelligence will Make Your Android App more Advanced?

Over the last couple of years, there has been a lot of technological advancements and most specifically in the app development companies. The demand for access to information has triggered companies to develop mobile apps that can meet the simple needs of a user. Various businesses in health, financial, food, education, entertainment and travel sector are looking out ways to develop apps that can simplify the way they provide services to their end customers. Mobile apps have become an integral part of the business strategy and app developers persistently keep adding new features to be in the competition.

To make your app stand out, it is needed to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into it. Artificial Intelligence is an innovative technology that seamlessly solves your problem, boosts the performance of the app and improves the success rate. Applications incorporated with Artificial Intelligence can enable you analyze data related to the user’s behavioral pattern and has the ability to manipulate new arrangement of information in Android applications. Applications are modified in a way to show thinking, planning and recognition attributes. Most of the Android app development companies understand this and therefore, are investing in creating seamless apps using Artificial Intelligence. Also, Google has released the Artificial Intelligence based toolbox to help the Android developers to build an applications easily.

Some the AI-based features that you can plan to utilize while building your Android app can be these:

1. Face detection

Today, many Android and iOS smartphones are coming up with Face ID to unlock the phone as well as access applications. Face detection is the new AI-based technology being used in several apps that identifies human faces. This AI-based app not just identifies human faces but presents multiple appearances in the frame. Those companies that are into developing security-based apps and tracking apps for people and objects should opt for integrating this AI feature to their app. Facebook is an excellent example of the app which uses face detection technology to identify faces in the uploaded photos and recognize them.

2. Text recognition

This AI-based feature basically detects the texts in the images or videos and recognizes the texts from the media files. Once the text is detected, then the process of understanding the actual text starts by breaking it down into segments revealing the true form of the texts. This is definitely one of the smartest AI-based features to be integrated in the Android apps. It can be used as a separate app or can be rolled out with existing mobile apps as an additional feature. A perfect example of this would be gaming apps which use this text detection feature in combination with different tasks.

3. Image labeling

The process of image labeling involves developers having the option to give label to the images stored in the database. This process makes it easy to find any image easily in the cluster of images. Image labeling tags the images in a grounded data, according to the region, shape, and pixel or based on the classification of scenes. You can fetch the images on your smartphone based on tags added to them. Android applications that use camera or any such sort of things can use this AI feature to enhance the experience of selfie addicts or photographers.

4. Landmark detection

Landmark detection is all about using AI on two-dimensional image to identify particular landmarks or points in an image. Be it face or business logo, this feature detects all the landmarks featured in the image. These points can be of great use in specific research area.

5. Voice recognition

Voice recognition has been widely used by most business around the world in order to carry out various functions. Just speak to your smartphone, it collects the input and sends it for processing and analyzing. And after sometime, the phone responds to the command of the user. Voice recognition apps such as Siri, Cortana and Google Now are enabling the smartphone users to interact with their device on the go. However, voice recognition does not work, if there is no internet connection. In the upcoming years, designers are wanting to include the disconnected voice acknowledgment calculation to Android in this manner making applications progressively adaptable right hand.

AI technology in Android is really advancing very fast as it has the ability to analyze huge volumes of data. It does not matter what field or industry vertical, AI-based apps will help in the completion of tasks on your mobile phone, efficiently. All your tasks will be performed in innovative ways and all the real time problems will be solved with ease in your AI integrated apps. Incorporating AI in your apps will also boost customer satisfaction as you will get an insight of the preferences of app users.

Inspired by the needs of the customers, applications are getting smarter with the advancement in technology and influencing developers while programming apps. It is not necessary that the developers have to be AI specialist. However, they should clearly understand what they want in their app and what they need to incorporate within the app and why. And this is what is being witnessed in the Android application development industry. Android has a huge user base and businesses are not ready to compromise on incorporating latest AI and technology to their apps. Artificial Intelligence technology and applications will keep making progress and influence our daily lives especially through apps. So, you need to keep upgrading your Android app with latest AI features to be in the game. 

About The Author
Rosina De Palma

Rosina De Palma is a programmer at Nex Mobility - Android App
Development Company. I have a professional development team that
providing best outsourcing services and give end to end solution of
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