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How Android and iPhone application will change your business?

It has been since ages that people have been debating on Android vs. iPhone.

Don’t worry; I won’t do that again over here.

I will be just discussing how having an Android, and an iPhone app will change your business.

You might think what difference will a mobile application make to your business.

Well, we’ll discuss it over here. First, let’s look at some numbers.

A Statista report forecasts that by the year 2022, mobile app downloads to hike over 258 billion worldwide and by 2020, they predict mobile apps to generate over 188 billion USD revenue worldwide.

By the numbers, we can understand that the mobile phones carry a huge market these days.

Almost everyone uses mobile phones, and apart from the primary calling feature, it now comes fully loaded with applications for nearly every purpose a person can imagine.

As mentioned above there had been a debate on what’s best between Android and iPhone, and it is continuing.

However, for a business owner, trust me, you should not fall in the debate and choose both the platforms for your business.

It is now the time that you should understand that a mobile app is your new salesperson and the strategy which can surely bring genuine customers to your business if your products and services are up to that mark.

We will discuss the possible aspects of how 1. Android app development and 2. iPhone app development can change your business. Let’s start with Android.

Android App Development

Android App Development

What is Android?

Well, a large group of the population uses this OS every day and spends almost over 80% of their awake time engrossed in its features but very few know about its history, and it hardly matters to anyone.

Android is innovation and invention owned by Google, an operating system that supports and functions almost all the aspects a mobile phone can do.

About Android App Development:

Android, as an operating system and as mobile devices, is quite a lot popular and provides a wide range of features and costs that favor different groups of the population.

Nowadays, android applications provide people what they could not even imagine sometimes, and their craze for more of such apps is increasing ludicrously.

Android is not only playing between the apps but also has a share in the global market.

A report shows till 2017, Android’s Global Market share was 85.9%, which is quite a considerable proportion.

Looking at the numbers, we can come to the discussion of how can an Android app for your business shoot the profit numbers up.

Android App development for Business:

Android App Development

Various factors are there that support the question ”Why Android App for a Business?” with an affirmative answer.

Businesses need to understand every platform before investing into it thoroughly; thus, we jot down the aspects of Android’s usefulness in the business.

1. Connect with the mass

So far, we have seen many reports showing the hike in the number of users of the Android platform.

It is true as well that the major part of the population uses Android phones.

This number gives many android app development services a chance to showcase their innovations in making people’s lives better.

Thus, to cater a massive part of the population, you must consider a platform with where most of the people come.

2. Easy Interface

Android has a significantly easy interface which makes it quite handy for all the purpose.

So, suppose if a user wants to purchase a dress but is a bit busy to roam around the market or does not want to go out, he can open multiple shopping apps on his Android phone and quickly place an order for the dress he likes.

Similarly, your business can get the benefit from the Android app development as many people will be able to see what you deal in and can purchase from wherever they are.

3. Branding and Marketing of your business

That was long past when businesses used pamphlets and flyers for marketing purpose.

Nowadays, having a mobile app is a new kind of business branding; and in that, it sounds quite efficient if you have a correctly working business app.

If your business products and services are genuine and competitive enough, the users will use your business app to get the benefits out of that.

All you need is a top android app development service for efficient Android app development for your business.

iPhone App Development

iPhone App Development

About iPhone and iPhone App Development:

iPhone is a smartphone designed and developed by Apple Inc., and it works on the iOS platform.

iPhone is one of that rich featured device that every person likes to keep by the side and show it off.

Well, iPhone, in this case, needs its level of maintenance.

Only the genuine tech lovers value and can use iPhone at its best, and the people who own an iPhone are ready to pay for the applications they would like to use.

Also, the team at Apple themselves review the applications submitted to update on iTunes to download.

Apple does not at all compromise on the quality of the products they provide to their users, and thus, they take the deserving cost for their products.

According to a report, in 2017, consumers spent over $38 billion on downloading apps from the iOS App Store.

These numbers mean that if the user finds the app to be genuine and worthy enough, they are ready to pay the cost to download as well.

Why iPhone app development for your business?

iPhone App Development

While answering this question, I guess I have convinced you half by informing the stats, and another half will be supported by the features and factors of iPhone and iPhone App development.

iPhone, along with quality, brings many other features that make it a loving device for its users.

An iPhone user will hardly prefer to use any other platform because of the experience, and interface iPhone gives to them.

Here, we will look at how does it please the users and how can it be beneficial for your business to have an iPhone app.

1. Superior Interface

As I told you earlier, Apple straight away rejects the applications which do not suit the company’s standards and quality parameters.

Which means, they are dedicated to provide high-grade user experience and interface which makes users believe that the application is worth for using and paying.

The developers who provide iOS app development services religiously follow all the rules and regulations set to avoid the rejection of their app.

Thus, for businesses, it is quite beneficial if you hire the best iPhone application developers those are aware of the quality parameters.

They are aware of how an iPhone app can benefit your business and thus, can develop the app as per the parameters to bring the best to your company from the world outside.

2. Enhanced Branding & Security

In business, it is entirely necessary that you get the branding done in the right direction.

Well, iPhone can bring a specific chunk of the population to your company to cater and provide your services to them.

That audience will be the ones who are sure to pay for your services if you give them the best quality of what they want and deserve.

Moreover, security is another critical aspect to consider while doing the business, and what else can be trusted better than the iPhone regarding safety.

iPhone, by its features itself, provides the best security to its users; which means if you attain to give the desired and required security to your customers, having an iPhone app for your business will add up to sales numbers.

3. Scalability

You own a booming business, and so does iPhone.

While walking on the progress roads, you will be increasing on the content and details on your website and mobile application.

iPhone’s robust nature provides you complete scalability assistance.

iOS assists you to maintain the best quality of your mobile app on iPhone regardless of the increase in the elements and features in your business app.

Thus, when it comes on trusting any platform in terms performance and load-balancing; no fingers can point at iPhone with doubt.

All you need is to have an experienced and top iPhone application development company to develop the iPhone app for your business.

Summing it up

Here, we had a detailed discussion on how each of those platforms is helpful to profit your business.

Further, looking at the numbers and the masses, it is quite advisable to opt for the app development that works efficiently on both these platforms.

The type of mobile app development services is called Hybrid App development.

In hybrid app development, developers write the code that is common to use for both the platforms with the same efficiency and performance.

Also, this type of app development is much cost-effective as it is different from the Native app development.

Moreover, it is entirely necessary for a business to look after the crowd to assist and look after the investment cost to spend on all the resources.

Further, choosing a best mobile application development company will help get to the best alternative and achieve your objective with the effective measures.

About The Author
Manan Ghadawala
Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best mobile app development company in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients. Follow him on @twitter

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